Just conquered my eight year old niece in a game of Chess. She was pretty good, but I used such mental ploys as laughing darkly and tapping my fingers to get her off her game. Several times, I pressured her to at pivotal points, bringing her to rush her moves and play right into my game.

As the game grew closer, the two of us stood up, moving the pieces more aggressive than any competitive nerd gaming you’ve ever seen. Rook to E 6. Queen to F7. Bishop to Z24.

And then, just as she was two moves away from me, I cornered her into check mate, shouted out, ‘Bingo!’ then ate as many oreos as I wanted to, right in her face. She was no match for the master of Chess, as fictional people like to call me. It was a great game, but in the end, I proved the victor, and she started crying.

Was it worth it? Ha. A-ha-ha. Victory is always worth it. Even if it means people start worrying about your mental maturity. Haters always hate, but winners always win. Which one are you??


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