To my followers

Dear followers,

There are two of you now. I’m quite certain, I saw it somewhere but do not know how to return to that screen. I wanted to say thankful for your support, be it out of pity or mis-clicking. Also, a note to my anonymous viewers, your two second musings are boosting my confidence in my ability to get people to stare at the words that I make. Thank you, every time one of you looks at my stuff, I feel a little bigger, a little wiser, and a little closer to getting more comments.

I have two comments now, both of which I cherish dearly. Who could forget the line drop from Aaron, which said I was ‘So dope’. And the unanswerable question recently posed to me, after my obvious frustration with the gravator – ‘After all, we do this for ourselves, don’t we?’ 

We do do this for ourselves. I do it for me. Only me. Because I am the best. The greatest. My loyal ‘Watties’ will always attest.

Thank you for your support, and may you always demonstrate your liking of me by your pressing the button called the ‘like button’. You Watties are the greatest, just like me, but not quite as great, but really close, but still behind.

Thank you.

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