2nd Letter to United Kingdom

Dear United Kingdom,

It has come to our attention, here at the United States of America dinner table, that you actually do have a princess. Princess Fairy Zooboo. It is a strange name. Unorthodox to say the least. Many of us here in America have been arguing over the meatball-passing on wether or not she was a real princess or a real fairy. We have come to the conclusion that the United Kingdom is a great unknown to us. We hear of this kingdom most often when new music labels come to surface, and several times have been made aware of fights breaking out in your great powerful kingdom. President Barack Obama and George W. Bush just finished up a heated debate over wether the politically correct term was ‘fairy’ or ‘trans-magic producer’. It resulted in spaghetti launches and bread-smears-to-faces.

Anyhow, the action here at table America is simmering down, and the chatter has returned to ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ and how disgusting that show is. After dinner we are all going to sit on the couch and watch it together while we eat all the fast food five dollars can buy, which is a milk shake three burgers two small (individual) french fries and a ten gallon drum of coke.


America’s Dinner Table


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