Heres a look at the polls, to get an idea of which country has the most Watties. Let’s make it dramatic.

95 – America You guys are the best, and you know it, but it never gets old to say it again.

12 – United Kingdom. Thank you your majesty, may your Kingdom forever expand.

4 Canada – Are there any Canadian jokes that don’t involve hockey? If so, please let me know.

1 India – I’m very proud of this. I just feel good about it. I don’t know that I can say anything that would not be construed of racism in some form, so I wont even write the name I made up in my head for you, solo-India(n?) guy/girl/floating being with an orange tunic, red strap and wood cain… eyes closed.

1 Spain – I’m happy too know between your bull riding and fancy dance moves you found my blog and viewed it. Men from Spain are both tough and good with the ladies, which makes it a hot ground for competitive stare downs(in case you didn’t know).

Well folks, that’s all we got over here at McWatty9’s world polls. Keep up the mis-clicks and tell some of your friends in the impoverished areas that you wish you could do more to keep them from starving, but unfortunately you prefer sitting on your computer so you don’t really want to get up right now because that’s pretty much what it comes down to when people die of hunger and we don’t do nothin’ to help them.

Thanks, world!

Thomas M. Watt

3 thoughts on “Polls

  1. Isn’t it FANTASTIC to open up your stats and see who’s reading your blog, and where they’re from?!! I get this THRILL. Never did I know my blog could possibly be flung from computer to computer. Mis-click, sneeze resulting in pressing on my site, whatever. It all counts 😉
    (Oh and I fall under the UK category)

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