I am humbled by how great I am

In a recent survey conducted and published by fictionalsurveys.com/imagination, my blog was voted one of the fastest growing blogs in the history of the world. It is quite a humbling article, and by humbling, I mean it reassured me that I was better than everyone else at everything, even that spoiled little girl who is already mean to poor people.

The article featured a quote from that one guy from India who somehow found his way to my blog. I copied and pasted it down below for you.

“McWatty9? What the heck is that? Is sounds like a bad American hamburger or something.”

Also of significance, this endearing complement from King Everything Iz Great of the United Kingdom – “McWatty9 is a true gift to the world and a friend of the United Kingdom. We sometimes talk about him at the morning hand-holding embracement.”

I’m truly honored for all the recent praise I’ve received from myself, and can’t emphasize enough just how humbling being the greatest means to me. I think its safe to say, along with all the watties out there, that this blog is truly, ‘Blowing Up’.

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