Drinking and God

When I drink, I enjoy conversing. I love to speak. I love to argue. I love to talk to people who build conversation. I am a passionate believer in God, but I just so happen to speak with people who don’t believe.

Not that I try to get them to fear, or realize, but I like building conversations. Every so often, in our time on this planet, we run into people who enjoy the search for truth. The search for truth is the polar opposite of the search for personal fulfillment. The search for personal fulfillment goes this way – I believe this, and will disregard everything you say to counter it, by way of aggressive hand pokes and head shakes and discrediting tones and saying things that you’ve never heard of, in order to make you feel like a fool.

I hate that. I fucking hate that. I love people who don’t know. I love people who want to know more. I love people who know more than me. I love people who know less then me, but would like to know more. Conversing with these types, we learn more.

I think the joke of it is, as far as God goes, he usually comes out on top, in a sensical manner. I honestly feel it is evidence of non belief when a ‘believer’ shuts out outside opinions in order to keep believing. This person’s belief can then be attributed to a way of feeling good about themselves, and in no way demonstrates their belief in a higher power.

I’m excited for the day people can drink and say what they really think, rather than what is cool to say. For instance, if I make some asinine joke about vodka, all will laugh. If I say something about ‘being a man’ people will often nod in agreement. The truth is, I don’t really care about anything, save for the truth. Unfortunately, there are very few people who actually seek truth, and an overwhelming majority seeks feeling good at the particular moment.

How boring life is when all you do is act as something you’re not. How terrible a time it is when you are forbidden from speaking an actual opinion, and instead voice the words of what is acceptable, and what is held in ‘high regard’.

As far as the quest for God/ no God goes, it must be the truth. As soon as it becomes an idealistic view, we are no longer seeking God, but a way to feel better about ourselves. I truly despise that. I don’t think there is anything more disheartening to a believer than a false believer. And for those who don’t believe in God but are willing to speak in honesty about the subject, they are the most honest people who exist.

If in some way you think the acceptance of non-believers goes against God, you are an idiot. For, the only person willing to gamble their salvation is the very one who has put much thought into the matter. And if you do believe in God, make certain it is God, and not a dispirited worldly view. If it is thus, it is nothing, and belongs only to imbeciles. Seek the truth, and ye shall find it.

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