Illegal Immigrant Reality Show

We need to do something about the illegal immigrants who make their way into America. More specifically, we need to make a game show about it. Here is how it should go.

Helicopters hovering over the Mexican/American border. Cameras on the helicopters. There should be a starting line, and everybody who wants to come to America lines up at it.

Build an obstacle course. With blockades such as fake plaster rock walls, fast rapid river streams, sand that you sink in (what’s that called again?)

They all rage through, only the strongest survive. You gotta be tough, resilient, a beast of a human being. Give that person the right to be an American.

In reality, in my experience with ‘illegal immigrants’, or, as they are actually, ‘Mexicans’, they are the hardest working people I have ever seen. Guess what? Cream rises to the top. Let these guys stay. I have no problem with any person who ‘does their job’. I have no problem with somebody who grows the strength of my country. I have an endless list of problems with the ‘Americans’ who don’t do shit to help this country, and live by the grace of those who worked hard before them.

If you are not helping the country, you have no right to stay. If you do not ‘do your job’, then get the fuck out. We need workers, not moochers. That is why America is great. That is why freedom is great. It rewards those who take advantage of it. When the majority of people become moochers, it is the hard workers who carry the burden.

I say, bring the workers in. Oh no, somebody is taking your job because they work harder than you? Oh no, you got fired because somebody was willing to do what you do for less money? Oh no, you want to sit on the couch all day but you can’t because some asshole actually wants to work hard, and has the nerve to do the job right?

Get the fuck out. Period. I have no respect for anybody who thinks they deserve shit because of where they were born, or the buffoon that believes they should keep what they have because it was given to them. No. Fuck that. You beat me, the prize is yours. I beat you, I take it back. That is what makes a civilization strong. As soon as you change that, as soon as you nullify the desire to conquer, or the ability to conquer, civilization will move backwards.

God blesses those who work.



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