This post is not meant to be funny. This is about a growing epidemic in the world today, which I feel is a necessary topic to discuss.

Where to begin… Hmm. Let’s start with success. As a male. You see, people of earth, when you are a male you’re basically wired from earth to seek sex. Not love, sex. Sad? Maybe. Upsetting? Probably. But this is pretty much as far as we go. It is how we are wired, and we spend our entire lives fighting it and trying to be more. And we do, we win, and we fuck shit up.

However, something funny happens along the road of man-ity. It is love. It is realizing that there is a woman out there who gives a shit about you even when nobody else does. It is that woman who you confess you’re secret dream to, and she smiles and genuinely says ‘That’s great. I think you can do it.’

That’s when we shyly smile, say ‘thanks’, turn away, sip beer, and think somewhere deep down inside, “I’m going to marry this girl. One hundred percent, I am going to marry this girl.”

But skanks. Back to the skanks. Skanks are often misconstrued as human beings. No, they are not human beings. They are leeches of success. If you want a skank, pretend to be better than everyone else, and you will get laid.

The biggest issue for men, I believe, is that we are naturally wired to get laid. So when things are going good for us, skanks come along, and they say things like ‘you are so great’ and ‘you are extra great’.

The problem is, as a man, we are built to always seek this adoration. So when we receive it, we are easily duped, and wind up sleeping with these scums of the earth, rather than the absolute beauty.

I suppose all I am saying to women is this: Accept the fact that men are egotist. We sleep with skanks because they feed that side of us. But as far as love goes, as far as love will ever go, we will always fall for the girls who dig us when we don’t mean shit. Love for skanks? There ain’t no love for skanks. Men love women who believe in them. You want to land a man? Talk to him about what he wants to do, and tell him you think he can do that shit. As great as sex is, it ain’t shit to love. Love goes to lovers, never-ending regret belongs to skanks.


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