Dexter the Dweeb and Rock the Jock

Dexter’s mind was ablaze with numbers, as the computation was moving along faster in his head than a calculator could do justice to. His pencil was moving so quickly, several around him took notice, until finally Rock punched him in the arm. Dexter instantly lost his concentration, and looked and listened as Rock, wearing a Letterman’s jacket, addressed him with a smirk.

“Dexter what is wrong with you, this is not the time to think. Dexter you are the weirdest nerd I think I’ve ever seen. Now is the time in class to state, the plans for our weekend. You use that pencil in your hand like math is at your end.”

Dexter scratched his head, coughed, then returned weakly. “Rock you know I know you’re cool. Rock I know I seem a fool. I don’t know why, but I swear I try, being cool is not for me. I like to think, these numbers please, I like to think of what they mean to me. They are much more then teacher’s swords, they seem to build, an answer soon is born. It is amazing, for what I think, is that the numbers talk to me.”

Rock smacked his buddy in the chest, laughed loudly, then returned once more. “The numbers talk? They speak to you? Are you really that much uncool? You’ve got to be joking, you’re kidding me, the numbers are just scribbles to me. So what you add? So what you think? Math is a pussy blocker for me.”

Dexter set his pencil down, leaned back in his seat, and spoke with more confidence. “Math may be, it may be so, but still it is the subject that I know. I see these numbers, I know how they work, it is the symbols to whom I flirt. I don’t care that much for whores you see, I’m pretty certain that math’s for me.”

Rock stood up, smacked the papers off of Rocks desk, then lightly slapped him by the cheek. “Listen here, you stupid dweeb, fucking whores is what I dream. It isn’t much to you I see, but that’s cause you’re lame and seek to be, something that don’t matter much, something that is fucking rough. You want to be a mathematician? You want learn some science too? Well fuck my friend, I promise you, there are know chicks who will bang you.”

Dexter stood up from his desk, stepped forward, and raised his eyes until they were level with Rock’s. “Chicks to bang? That is your dream? You are a most pathetic thing. So many have come, so many have gone, and all with thoughts of selfish plots. You are a dumbass, that is what I think. You the lamest, for you can’t speak. Your thoughts of fame, and glory from peers, they will all wash to timeless tears. Of you one day, in the bar you will, regret the day I spoke to you. Because I know, I know what I see, and numbers stay but glory fades.”

Rock shook his head. “Oh hahaha, hahaha-hohoho, you are a dork, and that’s what I know. You stand up to me? Can you not fucking see? I could crush you with both fists for free. Don’t try to be braver than me, don’t ever pretend you could combat me. I am known as Rock, I am known to score, I am the one now who fucks all the whores.”

Dexter moved still closer, surprising Rock, and bringing him to back up a foot. “Fuck all the whores, fuck all them you thief, do whatever you want because it’s you and not me. You think that I care? Of high school’s big cares? You think that I want to be wasting my brain ’till it rots? Listen up Rock, here me out please. The numbers that last will last longer than me.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“I will now tell you. The fact is that numbers matter more than what’s new. You know what I think? About you and the whores? I’m pretty damn certain that all scores do not score. Many are negative, losing more points than a few. Many are bad thoughts that will undo you. You’re legacy is great, image held high, but I’m pretty sure there has been other guys.”

Rock chuckled nervously. “What the fuck are you saying? You are losing me. The fact is that math is a subject for dweebs.”

Dexter stepped forward yet again. “And so you’ve said, yet you say it again. You only know how to blend with all your cool friends. I don’t really care, it isn’t unfair, I’ve chosen the numbers to help me avenge, my image that’s lost, my coolness erased, that is how it goes for those who are paced.”

“Paced what the fuck? What did that kid say?”

“He said it to you but nice ignorant play. I’ve chosen my road. It’s the path rarely trode, the way of true genius is on unknown roads. Do you think that I care? Is this truth or dare? I’m not going to let you change me through your scare. You are so arrogant, an arrogant tool. I’ve read many history books and none written about you.”

Rock laughed, moving backwards and smearing his face with his hand to his forehead. “Whatever kid. All you say is weird too. You have some odd thought that humanity cares what you do. Go do your math, go say what dweebs say. Just always remember that I’m the one getting laid.”

Dexter smiled, grabbed his papers from the floor, and set them back on his desk. He returned to scribbling out his math equation even as he spoke. “That is your big claim, you’ve already said. You’ve bragged more than once of the pussy you sleigh. The joke is on you, I wish you could see. The joke is that more humans actually prefer rooting for me.”

– Thomas M. Watt

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