The Storm and the Sea

White winds blow softly,

Black storms rustle too,

But the true trouble at sea always seems to be the gloom.

The ships always sail, through happy tides through,

But come to dismay when hurricanes brew.

Row on I say, turn that steering wheel brute,

A sailor at sea is a man who is true.

There can be no lie, no false flag that flies,

There can be no wave who real men still despise.

Realize and see, take some good care,

There are still no currents who are truly unfair.

Ride on through it, battle and cruise,

Beat that damn current with your paddles and booze.

I never once saw, not once did I see, any sizable wave who was bigger than me.

Oh how I have scared, oh how I have lost, oh how many times in the sea I’ve been tossed.

You think I am finished? In sinking despair? You’ve think I’m all gone because the winds did not care?

No no no no, no no no na he-he-he, I am still McWatty, please do not doubt me.

I will find the strength, I will conquer these.

The currents of waves are no match for me.

How can I say? How can I fare? How can I believe when my boat’s no loner there?

I will tell you now, the secret you see, the great key to winning is to think just like me.

There is no storm as great as eyes see, there is no wave who can conquer these;

Principals I know, thoughts are aglow, knowledge of knowing a faith hardly known.

The way to the win, the way past the sea, the way to defeating the beasts of your dreams.

It is all so simple, it is idiocy you see, it’s having belief in the childish things. For on one side is temptation, the physical snares, on one side is sin who hides you from what is still there.

On the other side of worry, of knowledge and doubt, well beyond fearing is a faith that’s devout. The way to this level, above what is bare, the way to reaching a God who few others know cares.

The pathway of light, the windmill of plight, is to keep on going when there is no end in sight. If you can set foot, toes to the sand, soon you will see the waves break and then disappear.

So go be an idiot, a fool just like me, go on believing that faith will conquer these. It is the true secret, hidden from shouts, it is the big hidden in a world full of clout. Go look and see, wake up and you’ll find, the best way of winning is to believe what’s divine.

– Thomas M. Watt

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