Why Won’t the Words Stop Rhyming

Why won’t the words stop rhyming, it’s what they always do. Why won’t the words stop rhyming and why don’t you hear them too.

This is not hard, not hard you see, when you walk around and think like me. It is not a challenge, an obstacle not, it is a product of constant thought. It never leaves and never strays, why won’t these rhymes just go away.

You think it’s hard, you see me through? Do I still have more to prove? What’s this skill, this work of art, what is a poet but two words short. What is left to say today, when will all these words won’t go away.

I could talk like this forever, I could think like this much better. It is a challenge, a cross to bare, the fact that none see through my stare. Always thinking always known, always quiet on my own.

This brain works right, quite right I think, it works alright for poet’s drink. But to live, to speak in time, I must somehow learn how to stop this rhyme.

– Thomas M. Watt

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