Let Us Wake

The day begins so fresh and new,

the thoughts that breed creation.

The light of sun and morning dew,

bring us to elation.

The hopes and dreams for what today could be,

will bring us to frustrations.

To complete the goals of dreaming souls,

to commit divine translation.

To bring from God what wisdom taught,

to beat the world’s temptation.

To hear the voice and miss the sounds,

to work hard at work stations.

It is the time to smile bright,

to say this will be new.

It is the time to remind ourselves,

our troubles will be through.

Do not start weary or depressed,

start up ready and refreshed.

Combat the battles that you must,

defend the King from evil’s lust.

Live to conquer and you shall see,

this day the world won’t conquer me.

– Thomas M. Watt

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