A Family

Marriage isn’t easy, and it surely hardly shines,

Marriage must be tricky, to say it’s always fine.

What is the point of simplicity, when famous characters rule,

What good is integrity, when obnoxiousness is cool.

What’s the point of trying, when the money is all gone.

What’s the point of going, when the tests come all the time.

Why go on in knowing, your’s is never quite the best,

What good is the showing, when you’re nothing like the rest.

The work is hard and lasting, and developing is strange,

The labor is persisting, that never seems to change.

But when your time is through, and its time to finish the ride,

How beautiful your life looks, when you kept your eyes in line.

For from the children come hope, and from the children come love,

and from the children come another, family for the thick of time.

And then come some more children, who think grand dad’s the best,

And then come easy smiles, and bad times remembered less.

For when you have a marriage, and when you have some kids,

Humanity keeps on growing, because of all the work you did.

So one day when the day comes, surely it is true,

The generations keep on knowing, they live because of you.


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