Italian Bakery

Just went to an Italian Bakery in New York. Got about fifty connolis (co-noll-eeease) and a Napoleon pastry. My first visit to one of these joints.

In case you’ve never been, Italian Bakeries are like the cocaine of the donut industry. This stuff is so good I would be more than happy to get fat from it. I’m calling for an ‘occupy california’ movement, where we all stand around and waste our lives until we get these Italian Bakeries popping up as frequently as Dunkin’ Donuts appear in Long Island.

If you haven’t been to one of these, you are seriously missing out. Thank you for your contributions Italian bakers, because as much as I love Mexican food, you beat the shit out of their pastries, which are actually nothing more than bread with sugar glued on the tops.


4 thoughts on “Italian Bakery

  1. When I lived in Manhattan, Friday nights were always the same: Dinner on Canal Street or somewhere in Chinatown… then a refreshing little walk across Canal Street to Little Italy. We’d go to La Bella Ferrara, which has changed a lot. Now it’s a “big bakery,” but back then, it was a small place with a jukebox full of Rat Pack classics. I always played Sinatra’s “Summer Wind,” and we would pig out on fresh-filled cannoli.

    The only thing I cannot find in Wisconsin besides thick maple syrup. You made my mouth water… Thanks, McW!

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