The Was Pretty Girl – Part 3

Bree took a seat in a row near the back, and Bradley sat at her side. The bus began its slow, monotonous drive, and she stared out the window.

“So what do you do, Bree?”

She looked back at him. “Many things.”

He laughed. “Such as?”

Looking out the window again, Bree thought momentarily, running a hand through her blonde hair. “I really hate that question.”

“Why?” He asked.

She looked back to him with a grin. “Because I hate what I do, Brad. I’m not riding the bus because I got wasted last night. I’m riding the bus because I don’t have a car.”

Brad nodded, then looked straight ahead. He surveyed the bus and the other characters present. “You get a lot of strange people on here, don’t you?” He asked.

“Yeah,” she said. “We do.”

The bus stopped again, and picked up three more passengers. One of them was a young girl named Ginger who had never once spoken to Bree before, but on this morning elected to sit on the same row, on the other side of Bradley.

“Hello,” she said to him.

“Hey,” said Bradley.

Bree rolled her eyes, crossed her arms, then looked out the window again.

“Something bothering you?” said Bradley to Bree.

“No, nothing,” She responded, then noticed as Ginger grabbed his wrist.

“Nice watch!” Said Ginger.

“Thanks,” he said. “I’m glad you like it.”

“I do.” She returned, sliding her white fingers nails along his skin as her grip released.

The bus rolled on, and Bradley nudged Bree in the arm with his elbow. “You like it too, Bree?”

Bree looked at the watch, turned her lip down, then shook her head. “Nah.”

“Nah?” He said, laughing. “Why not?”

Bree lifted her knees up, and stuck them into the seat backing in front of her, bringing her to a sort of childish sitting position. “Because I don’t.”

He chuckled again. “You must have a reason for insulting me.”

“I didn’t insult you,” she said, meeting with his eyes. “I insulted your watch.”

“Well I chose it.”

“Did you?” she said. “Or did your ego?”

Long after she looked away, he chuckled again, and she noticed him shifting a view of his watch as he did.

“I love it,” said Ginger.

“Yeah, thanks,” said Brad, weakly.

Bree reached her stop, and she started off the bus. “Nice meeting you Brad,” she said as she passed.

Much to her surprise, Bradley stood up after her, and followed behind as she stepped down the stairs and onto the sidewalk outside.

– Thomas M. Watt


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