Trouble’s fade

A way, a trouble, a thought aglow,

these are the forms all people know,

to seek no comfort is for the few,

to seek to know more like you,

to rise at morning past forgotten,

to sleep at night with woes down-trodden,

to seek what’s hard is hard to seek,

to strive for more is effort’s peak.

It is impossible as man once said,

it is too hard for most to tread,

the path to do what you want to,

the path to see what is beyond it too.

The way to be, to live and breath,

the life of struggle is for me.

For see small problems and how they pass,

Observe nature and the way similes lasts.

Do not fear do not be afraid,

Do not be angry and do not rage,

When failure comes smashing through,

Remember what I spoke to you,

Nothing happens from scared man’s rest,

only less struggle, and less distress.

If you wish to see dreams do,

if you want to live them through.

Get up, get out, and try away,

count your troubles then watch them fade.

– Thomas M. Watt

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