McWatt News Alert – Aug. 19th

At this hour – Wattie nation is in serious peril. McWatty9 is struggling for views, lacking visitors, and many are wondering if their once great leader can possibly come out of his ever plunging decline at the world polls. He’s left many friendly comments, read a great many articles, and received practically no feedback, likes or visits for all his strenuous efforts.

On a single positive note, McWatt news team has confirmed that Matt Mullenweg indeed liked one of McWatty9’s earlier postings. Matt Mullenweg, of course, is a surfing legend and timezone operator in the universe that is WordPress. We will bring you more updates as soon as we have them, but as for now, McWatty9 is heading towards catastrophe. The streets outside our news tower are filled with bloggers chanting for his impeachment, and several Watties have even politely requested an early resignation. To keep up with the latest, stay tuned to McWatt News, where the post are always bold.

2 thoughts on “McWatt News Alert – Aug. 19th

  1. Excuse me, but I commented on Italian Bakery and did not receive a reply? Is it just possible that McWatty is demanding allegiance from bloggers who comment but receive no notice? I mean, I was expecting one of those obnoxious “You Have Been Nominated” emails, where you have to pick ONLY seven blogging friends to receive it, like Amway or another pyramid scheme, and I cannot possibly narrow my list down from anything fewer than 28, so I never accept.

    Am I rambling?

    Where are my meds? Excuse me, going to take my pills, but you know? A girl’s feelings could be hurt – in fact, her psyche could be SERIOUSLY damaged by this lack of attention.

    Yeah, this is your basic cry for help. So man up and stop whining and get over here. Help me find my meds, and I’ll knock ’em back with a little red wine and then… oh, I forgot, I don’t know where you live… Understand, this comment is strictly for my bozohemian sense of entertainment… I love you always, McWatty!! MORE PRESS CONFERENCES! LESS SELF-PITY!!!! Amy

    • Haha. Much apologies for not replying to your Italian Bakery post! And understand I still don’t know anything about wordpress, specifically this ‘comment nomination’ thing. Be at ease, little Watty.

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