The Scary Man

The scary man walked through the desert. All alone. His clothes were ragged and torn, and his headphone buds pounded heavy metal music into his ears. He took another sip of his Mountain Dew, then released.

“Ahh.” He crumpled the can in his hand then it aside. He kept walking.

A tumble weed passed by, and the scary man raised his arms up in the air, then creaked his neck, tossing his head from shoulder to shoulder. He pulled his black hoodie over head, then grinned.

He had yellow teeth, chipped throughout, and the bottom rack was bent inwardly. He spit on the ground.

A rabbit hopped along, chewing on whatever it held in its furry hands, then stopped right in front of him. The scary man unzipped his pants, then urinated on it. The rabbit hopped away.

As it did, the scary man turned, raised up his arm, than aimed his palm to the rabbit. He began to laugh hideously, before suddenly slamming his eyes to a close. The music in his headphones stopped playing, the ground shook slightly, and the rabbit rose up off the ground.

The scary man opened his eyes, then watched as it squirmed in mid-air. He clenched his fist to a close, and the rabbit exploded. Blood and tissue and tiny fur feet scattered everywhere. He picked a foot up, then started chewing the muscle from the bone. He took his hoodie back off, then returned to his stroll.

The heavy metal music started playing again.

– Thomas M. Watt

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