Little, Spittle, Dribble, Flow

Lifeline stories, windows never,

hazy fogs signal bad weather,

cars are dying people flying go to Paris see what dine is.

Love of living living lots

pressured time too much to stop.

Hands are clicking making waves

Still the silence misbehaves

What’s he saying what’s all this

Life’s too short to describe it.

Little, spittle, dribble, flow.

These words and more all them I know.

Summertime goes up in smoke

The second sun’s the one less wrote.

Let it simmer let it stew,

Try not to think too much just do.

– Thomas M. Watt

Let the words Rhyme

Let the words dribble and fizzle and squat,

Let them bow down to your pen’s fresh ink blot,

Let the words rhyme as they blow off your touch,

Let the story sink then release from your clutch.

Let the words do what reality screams,

Let the rhymes play as you tap both your feet.

Let the verbs act and let the nouns be,

A person, a place, a noun is a thing.

Let the world peek at the work which you’ve done,

Let all the poets enjoy reading for fun.

Let the words play with themselves for a bit,

Let the rhyme go and you never can quit.

Get them all out on the paper for you,

Let them all mix like the brew’s supposed to.

Savor the flavor and crinkle what rots,

Set the words down and then see what they’ve brought.

Take a good look at the rhymes for a few,

Then go to edit then write something new.

Nothing’s too tough when you understand things,

Nothing compares to the beauty art brings.

Say it alive and then say it forever,

Every time you write you learn to do better.

– Thomas M. Watt

Man of God

The man walked on. He has cuts all along his face, bruises on his chest, and open wounds on both arms. He walked at a slow pace, mostly staring down. He swallowed, but had no saliva, for he was beyond dehydration.

There were lines of people on both sides of him. All of them smiling. All of them watching. All of them joyous.

The man stumbled then fell. The moment he did, he was greeted by a lash to his back from the guard behind. He struggled, but picked himself back up.

They hated him. They all hated him. They wanted to see him die for no other reason then to prove to themselves he was wrong. They wanted him to lie and renounce all that he had spoken to them. But he wouldn’t. It was for this reason that he had come – to show them there was a better way than they knew existed. It was for this reason they were killing him. But they didn’t even know it.

As the man continued on, the crowd grew all the more festive. He looked ahead and saw the place of the skulls, where he was to die. He swallowed again, but his throat was still too dry.

It was for them he was being killed. It was for the ones who were mocking him and spitting on him. He had taught them many things, all of which were good, and it was for these teachings he was being killed. Not because they were wrong, or even untrue, but because the world could not accept them, for he had shown them a better way than what they could accept to exist. He had shown them a way that defied all human logic. He had revealed to them the meaning of all things, the fabric of all lies, and the strength of all truths. And now he was to die, because they refused to open their eyes and see. They refused to accept that there was a greater way, all because they preferred the comfort of the lie. But they didn’t even know it.

– Thomas M. Watt

Time to Edit

Time to get to work and to fix all that I’ve said,

Time to do a job and get those freakin’ pages read.

Time to edit writing that once came from my head,

Time to do the very thing that every writer dreads.

To see the words again that I’ve seen so many times before,

Time to perfect the writing that some will still abhor.

Get to the last stages of cleaning up ma manuscript,

Fixin’ all the typos and polishin’ all my grammar shit,

Doin’ all the stuff ┬áthat they say you s’posed to do,

Makin’ words to money is the hardest thing a writer do.

Soundin’ like an idiot may be what I do best,

but when I’m done with all this shit my book it will attest,

I’m not half as dim-witted as most ma enemies suppose,

I’m not the type of guy who settles for bad prose.

Time to get to workin’ on the best thing that I do,

Time to fix the book I wrote ‘fore sellin’ it to all of you.

– Thomas M. Watt

Press Briefing – Aug. 20th, 2013

(Reporters speaking excitedly to one another. They all have the figures out in front of them – McWatty9 is back on top. He’s crushing the World Polls like none of them could have ever predicted. Snobert and Bill exchange a put down and an share smug laugh. McWatty9 walks out from behind the curtain. He is lavishly dressed, handsome as ever and looking mighty dapper in a fine suit. His expression is cocksure, to say the least. He stands behind the podium, and address the Wattie nation.)

McWatty9 – My fellow Watties! (Pointing to several reporters in the audience, a short, awkward silence ensues) We did it! I did it! You see those polls? That’s right! Ladies and gentlemen, I’m happy to inform you that yesterday was the greatest day yet in this administration’s history. We had a jaw-dropping seventy-one views, and a staggering thirty-four visitors! Both of those numbers, ladies and gentlemen and Snobert, rank second all time. Ye-aaah!

(McWatty9 punches his arm upwards in triumph and gazes to the ceiling above, but the reporters only cross their legs and scribble on their notepads.)

McWatty9 – We got views from Singapore, France, Croatia, Turkey, Japan, United Kingdom, and the U S of A. We got some more Watties, the following has grown to seventy. We got adamant support from sharplittlepencil, who has single handedly lobbied for us day and night. We got more hot girls comin’ in like crazy, we got former hot girls still checkin’ on ma blog, we got a hot tub date with a hot girl sometime this week! YEEEEEAAHHHH!!!

(Reporters shake their heads, cross their legs in the feminine style, place their fingers against their temples in a very intellectual fashion.)

McWatty9 – We got two pictures posted, we got tons of likes, we got new comments, a new lay out. Things are going great for this administration ladies and gentlemen!

Bill – (Standing up and yelling) McWatty9 aren’t you concerned that the number of posts you’re putting up per day is reckless to say the least, and at this rate your quality work can’t possibly last?

McWatty9 – Suck-it Bill!

Bill – But-

McWatty9 – I said suck-it! Sit down.

(Bill sits back down, disgruntled. Snobert comforts him with a shoulder rub.)

McWatty9 – So ladies and gentlemen, in summary – tons of views, new followers, hot girls, that one guy from India hasn’t been back, and King Everything Iz Great and I are off to grab a crumpet and discuss some of his administrations policies for the United Kingdom. Namely, his philosophy on hugging every person you meet, and how to enforce that into a rule for all the people. So thank you, good luck, and suck-it Bill.

(McWatty9 leaves the podium, reporters gravely concerned about so much enthusiasm from a leader, distressed by his lack of worry, overwhelmed by the fact that he just told Bill to suck-it.)