Let the words Rhyme

Let the words dribble and fizzle and squat,

Let them bow down to your pen’s fresh ink blot,

Let the words rhyme as they blow off your touch,

Let the story sink then release from your clutch.

Let the words do what reality screams,

Let the rhymes play as you tap both your feet.

Let the verbs act and let the nouns be,

A person, a place, a noun is a thing.

Let the world peek at the work which you’ve done,

Let all the poets enjoy reading for fun.

Let the words play with themselves for a bit,

Let the rhyme go and you never can quit.

Get them all out on the paper for you,

Let them all mix like the brew’s supposed to.

Savor the flavor and crinkle what rots,

Set the words down and then see what they’ve brought.

Take a good look at the rhymes for a few,

Then go to edit then write something new.

Nothing’s too tough when you understand things,

Nothing compares to the beauty art brings.

Say it alive and then say it forever,

Every time you write you learn to do better.

– Thomas M. Watt

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