Man of God

The man walked on. He has cuts all along his face, bruises on his chest, and open wounds on both arms. He walked at a slow pace, mostly staring down. He swallowed, but had no saliva, for he was beyond dehydration.

There were lines of people on both sides of him. All of them smiling. All of them watching. All of them joyous.

The man stumbled then fell. The moment he did, he was greeted by a lash to his back from the guard behind. He struggled, but picked himself back up.

They hated him. They all hated him. They wanted to see him die for no other reason then to prove to themselves he was wrong. They wanted him to lie and renounce all that he had spoken to them. But he wouldn’t. It was for this reason that he had come – to show them there was a better way than they knew existed. It was for this reason they were killing him. But they didn’t even know it.

As the man continued on, the crowd grew all the more festive. He looked ahead and saw the place of the skulls, where he was to die. He swallowed again, but his throat was still too dry.

It was for them he was being killed. It was for the ones who were mocking him and spitting on him. He had taught them many things, all of which were good, and it was for these teachings he was being killed. Not because they were wrong, or even untrue, but because the world could not accept them, for he had shown them a better way than what they could accept to exist. He had shown them a way that defied all human logic. He had revealed to them the meaning of all things, the fabric of all lies, and the strength of all truths. And now he was to die, because they refused to open their eyes and see. They refused to accept that there was a greater way, all because they preferred the comfort of the lie. But they didn’t even know it.

– Thomas M. Watt


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