Time to Edit

Time to get to work and to fix all that I’ve said,

Time to do a job and get those freakin’ pages read.

Time to edit writing that once came from my head,

Time to do the very thing that every writer dreads.

To see the words again that I’ve seen so many times before,

Time to perfect the writing that some will still abhor.

Get to the last stages of cleaning up ma manuscript,

Fixin’ all the typos and polishin’ all my grammar shit,

Doin’ all the stuff  that they say you s’posed to do,

Makin’ words to money is the hardest thing a writer do.

Soundin’ like an idiot may be what I do best,

but when I’m done with all this shit my book it will attest,

I’m not half as dim-witted as most ma enemies suppose,

I’m not the type of guy who settles for bad prose.

Time to get to workin’ on the best thing that I do,

Time to fix the book I wrote ‘fore sellin’ it to all of you.

– Thomas M. Watt


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