Calm the Pretty

The girl, the dancer, little song,

The way, the light, shines in the dawn.

The spin, the flips, the fluctuations,

The way her breath brings men sensation.

Calm the pretty, point the toe,

Turn around and let it go.

Dancing swiftly beads are thrown,

Hair is shaking to and fro.

Calm the pretty, let it stick, those spins are getting oh so quick.

There she goes, a little more,

left her worries at the door.

The dance goes on, girl let it be,

Until the moonlight returns to thee.

Still she’s dancing, ever fore, still she hurries and circles soar.

Calm the pretty, be it quick, watch how that toe never quits.

Watch the moon bounce in her eyes, then watch those twirls remain when skies end.

Watch the lightning of her feet, watch the way she dances free.

No more pain felt in her thighs when, love arrives on the horizon.

– Thomas M. Watt


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