This One Damn Seesaw

ImageSeesaw swingin’ side to side,

Oh shit oh wait yeah that’s not right,

Seesaw swingin’ up and down,

Shit now I feel like a clown.

That seesaw moved, don’t you see,

That seesaw moved and not from me.

It moves along, moves forever, try to sit and you’ll know better.

This thing’s not normal, not like the rest,

This one damn seesaw is possessed.

That board it moves, digs up the sand,

Scares the shit out of weird Dan.

Get a shovel, get an axe, tear that thing straight off the tracks.

Why’s it goin’ why’s it move, I thought that physics still had some rule.

Shit oh well I guess I’ll tell,

Some people over blatant yells,

Hey look hey see hey grab a beer,

This one damn seesaw brought me here.

Take a gander, and you’ll soon see,

This one damn seesaw is a she.

– Thomas M. Watt


2 thoughts on “This One Damn Seesaw

  1. A ball-busting “she,” no doubt! I always worry about guys on see-saws!

    And what’s with Dan? First he’s a boat, now he’s being chased off the playground… I’m loving this tack, it’s quite the ride! Amy

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