A Rich Man, a Bad Boy, and a Dreamer

]ImageNatalie walked into the bar, ordered a tall glass of wine, then sat down by herself. She was wearing high heels, and an all black dress with a slit running from her ankle to her hip.

Moments later, a most extraordinary thing happened – three men approached her table, all at the exact same time. They all took a seat around her, looking first at her than at one another.

Natalie took a sip of her red wine, then smirked. “Well?” She said. “Who wants to impress me?”

The three men all looked at one another, and the rich man went first, slicking his black hair back and adjusting his silver tie straight.

“I’ll shoot you straight, you lovely dame, I’ll say it to you twice just to be nice. I got a fine job, Mercedes and all, and the type of good looks that makes housewives hoot. You want a good time, and dates every night? If you want to feel special and walk with my tempo, you should be with me I know you’ll be pleased. You see little lady there’s a problem with dating and the fact is there’s money, and it’s sweeter than honey. So come home with me and share my bed please, it’s got fifteen pillows and a comfy plush middle. Be a smart girl and think past these dills, come home with me and your only job is to breathe.”

Natalie nodded her head, smiling, then turned straight ahead, to the bad boy. He was wearing a red bandanna over head and had two black piercings through the bottom of his ear lobes. He took a shot of jack, then began.

“Come on little mama I know you want some, from these other two dudes you wont cum when you screw. You know who I am you see yourself in my bed with your head to the stand, your ass in my hands. You wanna a good job I’ll tug on your bob, fuck you tomorrow and quench all your sorrow. Don’t be a fool and fuck with that tool, you want a good time mami come and be mine. You know you’ll be naked and scratchin’ my chest, you know you’ll be beggin’ ’cause I’ll fuck you the best.”

“You talk a big game,” said Natalie, before taking another sip from her glass.

The bad boy went on. “My talk isn’t all I’ve got big, you should come home and then ride that waist over me. I will have you bumpin’ then flip you around, tug back your hips then push your face down. I hear you moanin’ all in my head, I see you riding my dick till it’s red. Come home with me and mami you’ll see, I got that thing that girls crave more than treats.”

Natalie swallowed, held her hands together, then turned to the dreamer at her right. “And what about you?”

The dreamer gazed back into her eyes, adjusted his T-shirt, then took her hand as he spoke.

“Don’t be like that, don’t be that girl please. A woman like you has more than sexual needs. There is more to love than what lovers do, there is endless sweet kisses if you love my love too. Be my sweet muse, come be my girl please, I will bring you pancakes while you’re still in my sheets. Come with me truly, let us escape, from when the moon rises to where the dawn breaks. I’ll show you to beauty, I’ll show you to truth. I’ll show you what love means if you forget these two fools. I will write music, songs just for you. Draw a great painting of you just as soon.”

Natalie turned down to her wine glass shyly. “I’m sure you tell all the girls that.”

The dreamer spoke louder. “No no my woman, no no my girl. I swear by my heart you’ll do dozens of twirls. I will make you statues, paint them with gold. I will get you naked, but only to hold. Your body in mine, your breath to my chest. Come home with me and you’ll lose all of this stress. These are not what you want, not your needs too. Come back with me and I will marry you.”

Natalie looked at all of the three men gloating over her, then pressed her hands together and smiled. “Looks like I’ve got a decision to make.”

– Thomas M. Watt


6 thoughts on “A Rich Man, a Bad Boy, and a Dreamer

      • Well it’s a girl thought really. The woman even replied to him saying he must say it to all the ladies. When a boy tends to be like the dreamer, most girls automatically think that clearly this is how he gets by on women. After reading the story, it’s obvious he would be the person that everyone chooses, but in the end, when you think about it, the woman is still contemplating who’s the one for her. So is the dreamer actually withholding the characteristic of a poser just because his words are sweet?

      • Hey, I’ve been trying to figure this out for some time now. The idea of ‘withholding the characteristic of being a poser’ seems to be irony at its finest, an endless conundrum, and an infinite loop of perplexing meanings. I am only left to assume you meant ‘demonstrated’. Even then I am still very lost. It is like a riddle for me, and I am so thrown off by your second to last sentence, which appears to somehow include the woman in his identity as a dreamer. I am sorry but I still cannot answer your question. But I am glad you picked the dreamer!! 🙂

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