Hailey and Jared – Part 3


Jared took Hailey’s hand in his, and cupped his free hand around the bottom of her back. The pair danced together, unsmiling, and lost in one another’s eyes. Jared spoke first.

“I’ve had no fun just yet this night, I’ve searched and searched but haven’t found one right.”

Hailey smiled. “Oh me too! These suitors care, yet still I’ve found my heart can’t bear. To take one in whom I don’t love, I can’t quite quit my dream of doves.”

Jared grinned and laughed. “Dream of doves? Just what’s that mean? Just how massive are your dreams? Have you gone far past this reality, have you removed from this whole planet?”

Hailey chuckled, then moved closer. “We’re not on earth we’re on the moon, for just what reason I have no clue. I think I may just doubt the author, for if this is true love i won’t stop scoffing.”

Jared spun her in a circle, then grabbed her close, her back to his chest. “Do not worry Hailey dear, don’t doubt the author the truth’s not yet here. He has a point yes this I think, he has a reason still on the brink. Just keep dancing open your ears, the reason will be coming here.”

Hailey swiveled around, and danced with her face turned up to Jared’s. “Okay, okay, I guess I’ll wait. I just hope explanation doesn’t come late. As of now I find you handsome, like to feel your hands around some, of my body, but don’t be crude, I did not mean you’d get me nude. What I meant to say was you seem nice, but I still don’t think you’re my dream guy.”

Jared laughed again, and raised his eyebrows. “Oh I’m not? Not hard to come by? I’m not the type who you would want to make cry? Just to feel your heart still twinge, just to know you had my bid?”

Hailey smiled, but turned away. “Oh now Jared doll now please, don’t kid yourself I’m not a thief. Not looking to just steal your heart, not finding ways to up and part.”

Jared pulled her in closer, shocking her to a quiet gasp. “Oh you’re not? Just as you say, so you won’t mind when I turn away.”

As Jared started to leave, Hailey pulled him back, her eyes wide. “Wait don’t go, just don’t leave yet. I like to be close to your chest. Just because I can’t love you, does not quite mean I don’t I do. Just share this dance here for a while, stay with me don’t be a child.”

“Be a child what’s this you say? Why insult me why lead astray? You like me woman now just admit it, you don’t need to so often fidget.”

“Fidget not this not be so! You sure presume a lot to know. Why this trouble, why these kicks? Why do you act like such a dick?”

Jared laughed, and Hailey did too. Jared gripped her hand tighter. “Am I though, just what you say? Am I so bad to cause delay? Hailey girl you are too funny, Hailey girl your words are money.”

“Money Jared? Really though? Must you so often go? Why is it that you so hate, why is it that you relate. More to reality than a tail, why do you ruin a woman’s male?”

Jared turned his head down, so that his forehead pressed against hers. “Hailey I don’t think you get it, no I don’t I think you missed it. The thing is you’ve closed your eyes, bought the long forever lies. Love is not a thing to toss, not emotion with a cost. It is not a made up thing, it is not just what is courting. Love is more then sweet things go, love is moving to and fro.”

Hailey pulled her head back and squinted. “To and fro? Like what, more partners? Is this your plan to sneak off barters? This date is turning so bad quick, and it took ’till now to realize it.”

Jared pulled her in again, so that their noses touched together. “Hailey, Hailey, presumptuous one. I see you’re frightened of my tongue. I see the fear behind those eyes, I feel the tremble in your thighs. I know that you avoid what’s true, I know you like to see doubts through. I know you want to up and walk, I know you pretend those times you scoff. I know you want to so leave me, I know you hate just what love brings.”

“You are a mad man.”

“Am I now? Or have I just lifted your big cloud?”

Hailey gulped, and stopped dancing. “I do not like this, none of these things. I do not like what you’ve said to me. I do not want to hold your hand, I do not think you are my man. I highly hate the way you’re speaking, I truly despise the words you’re bringing. This is not how love unfolds, this is not how good tales go. This is not romance for me, this is not the way I see.”

“Yet you’re clinging to my grip, yet you’re shaking in the lips. Yet you’ve stayed with me for longer, then those guys who you just pondered. You say you hate the touch of me, you say you hate the words I speak. You claim to want to avoid it, you love to hate the lovers kiss.”

Hailey’s breath quickened, and her she forced her lips to tighten. “Jared you are such a fool, I am now sure you’re just a tool. You think too much of you I think, you are just saying some wise things. There is no love from me to you, I know two words I’ll never say to you. They come from a question you’ll ask me, I’m sure I wont say what you think. I must go now for this is true, Jared I do not love you.”

As she began to walk hurriedly away, Jared refused to release her hand, and tugged her back into himself, sweeping her within inches of his lips once more.

“I see right through you.”

“No you don’t.”

“I think I do though.”

“Why can’t I go.”

“I know you’re feeling what I think.”

“Well you’re wrong just as I spoke.”

“I know that you’re the one for me.”

“But you not I so I’m sorry.”

“I know you want to feel it too, I know you run from feelings true.”

“God, bug off, why can’t I leave! Are your ears just filled with trees?”

“My ears do hear just as my heart, but I’m afraid the lessons part.”

“Why do you say this Jared, why? Why must you insist on all these lies?”

“And why must you so doubt me? Why must you kid yourself to flee?”

Hailey pushed Jared away by his chest, then shoved him again. “Do please go just let me be. I do not know what you’ve done to me. I don’t delight in disrespect, I hate the fact that our eyes met.”

“You hate just love and what love do.”

“I don’t hate love I just hate you.”

Jared nodded, then released her hand. “Find then go, off you be. I did not lie for my heart sees. But so you’ve chosen you’re own path, I guess I’m sorry and I won’t trespass.”

Hailey bit her lip, then turned, and walked away. About fifteen paces removed, just as a new suitor was approaching her, Hailey twisted around, then called back to him.


He looked to her. “Yes?”

She gulped, then walked forward, ever so slowly. When she stood before him, she offered her hand for a shake. “Thank you for the dance. It was fun.”

Jared shook her hand. “Of course.”

She started away, then stopped short again. She punched both her fist down at her sides, then turned, and looked at him for a moment, swiping a hair behind her ear as she smiled.

“Yes?” said Jared.

“Are you done? Do you have any more questions?”

He smiled. “Just one, but I know what you are going to say.”

She nodded, began to walk off, before stopping with a loud groan once more. She turned around, walked kindly back to him, then kissed him on the lips. She patted his chest, started away, then came back to him once more, fully taking his lips into hers.

“Just ask it,” she said.

Jared smiled. “Do you love me?”

Hailey smiled. “I do.”

– Thomas M. Watt


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