Hailey and the three Suitors – Part 1

hailey 3

The woman, named Hailey, was standing on the moon beside three other women. She was wearing a white sequin dress, white diamond earrings, and long white gloves, loose and soft. Standing before her were four different men.

One had a tuxedo, another had a cowboy hat and boots to match, another a sleeveless vest, and the last an all black suit, whose name was Jared.

A piano player began playing, as did a violinist, a saxophonist, and a singer with a low, slow voice.

The men approached all the women, and Haley was taken in by the man in the tuxedo. The two began to dance, slowly, and to the rhythm of the song. He held her at a short distance away, and smirked as he spoke.

“Hailey girl I can’t two step, these feet of mine sure aren’t the best. I hope you have a sense of humor, this tux of mine admits my stupor. I’m not the kind who loves to dance, I’m not exactly good with chance. I like to make the women laugh, court them with my funny rants. Could you be the one for me? Will you chuckle if I sneeze? Or will you just turn cold away, find another who leads you astray.”

Hailey pressed her hand to his cheek as she smiled sweetly. “Oh yes your tux is funny dear, oh yes I love to laugh to tears. I am the type for some you’ve said, I’m a girl who runs from dread. Still I must admit this be, I do not like men with bad feet.”

The man in the tuxedo laughed awkwardly, then smeared sweat from his forehead. “Oh come on Hailey I care, I could somehow learn to dance. I like to kid and mess around, I like to do away with frowns. I am not always just a joke, I am not just some poor bloke. Make you laugh I will I swear, but don’t forget I also care.”

Hailey backed away, laughing as she patted his chest. “You are so sweet indeed you are, the type of boy who most girls want. I could sit with you for hours, share some chuckles and forget the flowers. But you know I’m still a girl, and I so need my heart to swirl. Fill with love and much affection, I’d hate to twirl the wrong direction.”

Hailey moved away, and swiftly approaching was second suitor, the man with a cowboy hat and boots to match. He took her in close, holding her tightly, and kept up with her every dance step, with the kind of smile that only cowboys can muster.

“Hey there pretty look at you, see you dancin’ right on cue. If you didn’t notice I’m your man, I’ll hold the door and take a stand. Will not watch you treated poorly, will not misjudge you and your glory. I could make us quite a stew, I could take us hunting too. Take a walk that last for hours, let you watch me while I shower.”

Hailey laughed, turning her head to the side, then smiled as she moved closer to him. “You’re pretty rugged country boy, you seem the type to bring the noise. Quite the cocky type I see, sound just like the man I need.”

The cowboy smirked and went on. “You know it girl that sounds like me, I’ll sing you songs and watch you sleep. I could make you drool for hours, I could make you grow you your own flowers. Do the things a man should do, shoot down the man who touches you.”

Hailey back away slightly. “Shoot a man? Just for me? Do you really aim that much too please? Country boy I must admit, at first you really had me quick. But now I’m thinking someone straight, I think your ways too much to take. I am not just some posession, a girl who needs constant discretion. Some night I like a drink or two, and I might just have to meet a few. Guys around the scene that day, guys who like to drink and play. I’m not so dumb to slip and fall, I will not tumble if you don’t call. Please do know I think you’re cute, but I just don’t think I’m right for you.”

As soon as Hailey broke off from him, the man in the sleeveless vest approached, sweeping her legs up over his lap, whirling her around, then setting her back to her feet. She smiled and chuckled when they resumed slow dancing together.

“Come now girl I like your style, I dig those gloves you want my child? I do not care much for the world, I do not think long before I hurl. Myself into situations, not scared to fight or have relations. I’ve had many girls like you, and all those girls they loved me through. But I warn and must admit, at sight of trouble I will quit. So just be careful falling for me, come next morning I still could leave.”

Hailey raised her eyebrows, then backed, creating more distance for herself from her current partner. “You must be kidding is this a joke? Are you just a stupid bloke? Can you not see I am not desperate, not so in need of disrespecting? Have you planned a one night stand, do you want a pitiful hand?”

The man in the sleeveless vest lowered his head, then sighed. “You know you’re right and now I see, I’m not yet the man I want to be. But maybe you could help me change, be the one who makes me tame. My wild ways have caused me trouble, misled me and all who followed. Maybe now’s a time for showing, I can be more than just bad gloating. You could be that girl Hailey, you could be the air I breath. I could stop with all my nonsense, help me escape from this dark forest.”

Haley smiled sweetly, then used both hands to pat down his shoulders. “I’m glad to here you’re not deranged, It’s nice to see you go right ways. Yet I’m still sorry, though your sweet, a wild one’s not right for me. I cannot now be a mother, I can’t quite love that which suffers. Please take this issue on your own, please find the right way on your own.”

Hailey moved away, and locked eyes with the man in the black suit, whose name was Jared. He approached.

– Thomas M. Watt


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