Jared and the three Dames – Part 2


The man, named Jared, was standing on the moon beside three other men. He was wearing a black suit, black tie, and black shoes, shined and polished. Standing before the men were four different girls.

One had a black dress, another had a piercing through her eyebrow and a sleeve of tattoos, another a modest purple dress, and the last a white sequin dress, whose name was Hailey.

A piano player began playing, as did a violinist, a saxophonist, and a singer with a low, slow voice.

The men approached the women, and Jared took to his hands the woman in black. The two began to dance, slowly, and to the rhythm of the song. She pressed herself tightly into him, and spoke to him as they danced.

“Jared you oh so can move, I love the way you sway me too. I see you are the type for me, I see you cannot live modestly. Sway me babe from side to side, see my hands slide up your thighs. I can see you are successful, I can tell you are the best one.”

Jared smiled. “Black dress girl that’s all you think? Is it just the success you need? Tell me girl and don’t be lying, tell me that’s not all you’re finding. A man to suit your every need, a suit to bring you the best seed. Let me know that you’re not buying, the suit instead of what’s behind it.”

The lady in black laughed, tilting her head back as she did. “Jared boy don’t be so rude, you know just what I see in you. I see a man who is a tiger, I see a boy who couldn’t be shyer. You are indeed the one for me, you are the type I want to please.”

Jared stopped dancing, and held her hands in his. “Black dressed lady you’ve failed the test, I’m sorry if this brings you stress. I am not out to find an equal, I am not looking to reproduce sequels. I have been to the bottom before, I have gone drifting on poor man’s shores. I cannot be the type for you, for there is no type who makes mate’s due. Love is a thing we ought to cherish, for sick or health or monetary anguish. It is not a trading thing, it is not something money brings. I now must say I bid ado, I’m sorry but I’m not into you.”

Jared left, and almost immediately, the girl with a piercing through her eyebrow and duel arms of tatted sleeves took him to dance. Only, the girl with an eyebrow piercing danced with her back to him, pressing her rump into his lap, and hugging his arm around her neck.

“Jared boy you make me wet, the way you hold me beats the rest. Jared boy you turn me on, make me want to feel your horn. Feel free to undress me please, take your hand and caress these.”

As she moved his hand to her breasts, Jared laughed, then lowered it down to her hip-side once more. He spoke into her ear. “Girl with piercings you are outrageous, but I have found disease contagious. Not just speaking about V.D.s, but sexy lady just hear me please. I’ve found your type to destroy men, the second they step out in your bed. You tend to bring bad luck with you, you love to make us sick as you.”

The girl with a piercing through her eyebrow swiveled around, then gripped her hand through the back of his head. “Baby what is this your saying, I can feel that johnson dangling. Don’t be such a pussy dear, I might just think you can’t adhere. To the type whom I would sleep with, do you fall short of my wildness? Are you the one who is afraid, is it you who is decayed? I am a loud one, you will see, I am the type who sucks your creme.”

Jared backed away, slowly releasing her hand and moving away from her clutch. “Wild girl you are too much, you surely know just how to touch. But I am not the type for you, nor are you the my one ‘I do’. You sound like fun just for a while, sound like a girl who wants a trial. But I can’t do that forgive me please, I cannot live with your disease. It is too much for me too handle, a rotting soul is a losing gamble.”

Soon afterward, the girl in the modest purple dress approached. She took his hand and put it snugly behind her hip, and carried his other in hers.

“Hello boy I have seen you, dancing with those other two. They don’t know what they missed out on, they are not the ones to count on. I will be your housewife please, bake you goods and fill your needs. Be with me and I will show you, nothing too much for me too bring.”

Jared smiled back at her, looking into her eyes. “Purple dress you are a dime, the type of class that good light shines. I am so happy you will accept me, I am so happy you are so loving. It’s good to know you will be mine, it’s good to see your eyes this time. But still I have this one concern, and I can’t quite carry this burden. There is a thing called conflict see, there is this art of romancing. I don’t think I can have you dear, I’m afraid I don’t feel it here.”

As Jared pointed to his heart, the girl in the purple dress batted her eyelashes, then pleaded some more.

“Jared boy just please stay near, let me whisper in your ear. I’ll be your freak back in the bed, I’ll say to you what you want said. I will love you every night, I will be proud to be your wife. I’ll cook you dinner when you desire, I will set up the candle fire. Name the thing that you what done, just please love me and be my hun.”

Jared back away, slowly releasing his hands from hers. “Purple dress, you are too fine. You are the type I would want mine. Still I have this one distress, this lack of feeling in my chest. I can’t go on to fool you too, I can’t just lie and say I do. I need this love to last forever, I need a girl who makes me better.”

Jared left from her, and met eyes with the girl in the white sequin dress, whose name was Hailey. He approached.

– Thomas M. Watt


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