The Walk of the Unpublished Writer

Walking down the street, the man snapped his fingers as he sang to himself en route to the coffee shop, where he would work on his novel for the next four hours.

“Get those words out on that paper,

Get those rhymes said now or later.

Get the work together fast,

Make it sharp, make that shit last.

Don’t fuck around with much discretion,

Don’t be afraid to change direction.

Get it goin’, from the heart, write them words boy like they taught.

See yourself in that paper, see your story now then later.

Don’t get fearful, don’t be afraid, don’t regret the choices made.

This is it boy, let it be, this is the shit that needs to breath.

Don’t give up now, don’t give up last, don’t put that pen down on that desk.

Keep it writing, let it flow, get those fuckin’ words down bro!

Don’t be lazy, don’t get tired, don’t forget you’ve entered fire.

Don’t be hasty, don’t be crude, make that mix perfection’s brew.

Get to typing, get to printing, get those fuckin’ heads a’spinning.

Don’t be wasting, precious time, you’ll only waste both yours and mine.

Let gets it goin’, get shit done, write those fuckin’ words down son!

Get that shit down on that paper,

Let’s publish this then rhyme more later.

– Thomas M. Watt

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