20 Point Plan to writing a Best Seller

A lot of publishers ask me how I see my work developing from where it stands today to becoming a future bestseller. I answer them with what I call my ’20 point plan to writing a Best Seller.’

1.)    Print at local Kinkos!

2.)    Submit Submit Submit!

3.)    Overcome rejections!

4.)    Submit some more!

5.)    Rejections!

6.)    Get a real job and write on the side!

7.)    Become an alcoholic!

8.)    Despise writers who actually stuck it out!

9.)    Try to write again!

10.) Fail!

11.) Tear my hair out and vow to never write again!

12.) Get married!

13.) Get divorced!

14.) Spend my life regretting the fact that I never pursued my dream to the end!

15.) Give younger people advice about hitting the harsh reality of life!

16.) Submit work one final time!

17.) Die!

18.) Work gets picked up!

19.) Work gets rave reviews!

20.) Work becomes a best seller!


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