Voice of God

prayer of anguish

When all is painful, all hope lost.

Thoughts of anguish, treasures naught,

Too far away from prizes known, too angry from the endless woes.

When you are caught up in the web, when the demons reach your head,

When you feel angry, tired confused,

When you see darkness and nothing’s new.

When eyes won’t close and mind won’t rest,

Heart in pain from life’s long test,

There comes a voice who speaks for free,

There comes a peace that lets you be.

Sometimes He’s speaking through your prayers,

Sometimes another leads you there.

Nothing brings more love and action,

Nothing beats another’s compassion.

In those times when you are down,

Take a good look all around.

For when trouble starts to ache,

When too much pain is sent your way,

Few will turn and offer love,

Few will care for all your woes.

But there is a time or two,

When those of God come speak to you,

You will hear His voice through them,

Those of God are saving friends.

And in the end when you come to,

Heaven’s Kingdom and take the stool,

The Lord above will speak to thee,

And will say to you “My child please,

Relax now that world is gone,

Problems ended, worries scorned.

I heard your prayers, and you asked why,

I gave you problems all the time.

To let you suffer, so confused, and all the while still reach you,

Well my child now you see,

From your problems you sought me,

Look around if you still don’t know,

Not one who made it didn’t have woes.”

– Thomas M. Watt

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