Shifting haystacks barnyard stall,

Horses neighing children call,

Bringing carrots to their faces,

Whinny sounds seem so abrasive.

Feed the horses little one,

Let them nibble not chew your thumb.

Be so careful as you pet them,

Watch hind legs and do not catch them.

Riding riding riding lots,

Riding horses as they trot.

See to it you hold onto,

the reigns or else they will buck you.

Do not smack the horseys dear,

Or else they will swell up with tears.

No not really they are tough,

Ride them through the wild rough,

See to it you share them too,

Enjoying horses is nothing new.

– Thomas M. Watt

On Understanding God

This post is about how one should seek God, if they actually wanted to understand Him.

The beginning of understanding, whether you believe in God or do not believe in God, is to view Him as a separate being from man. Not to say He would not be involved with us, but simply to theorize God as a real being, just as humans are real beings.

Now we take it a step further. If God’s quest for man is to take man back to where he resides, how would this theoretical God do such a thing? By bringing man, a being of the natural, to the way of the divine.

I think it can be said that man is most likely to turn to God in times of struggle, and most likely to turn away from God in times of worldly success. Therefore, it would be an error to assume the bad things that happen to us on earth are a result of God not caring about us, and very much can be seen as the opposite – God giving us a chance to come to him.

Is this to say all blessings would then be curses? No. This is to say God’s ultimate goal for those whom he calls is to build a reliance on His way, rather than man’s own. Again, in seeing God as a real being, it no longer becomes about specifics as far as ‘do this and get that’, but about building a reliance on Him as a whole. It then becomes leaving the way of the world, man’s natural state, to the way of the divine, which can be said to be a way alien to the way of humanity. Again, even in theory of seeing God as a real being, we can come to the conclusion that man in no way represents God’s own values, for they are two separate beings.

The goal of the natural man is power for himself. To achieve and take what he can. To protect himself, to flourish. This is not the way of love, but the way of survival, which is only sensible if one was to say they did not believe in God. If you do not believe in help from above, it is then your duty to help yourself.

The way of God, then, becomes reliance on God, on a different being. God seen as love becomes the opposite way – Providing for others. Doing good to others over yourself. Seeing misfortune and ‘curses’ as opportunities to rely further on God. Seeing worldly glory as a way to announce what God has done good for you, for you did not seek it for yourself, but another sought it for you.

I hope this clarifies things in a very real way. The point is very simple – Even in theory without believing, it is an error to form a judgment of God by man’s own values. The beginning to understanding the ways of God is to see him as a real being rather than an ideal humanity has power over.

– Thomas M. Watt

The Boys and the Girls go Out (Part – 2)


The Boys, Jeremy, Alex, and Stuart, were all getting pumped up in one room, downing beers as they got ready for the meet up with the girls at the club. The girls, Melissa, Jane, and Tifney, were also getting prepared, though at a different location.

Melissa was holding a dress against her body, and checking herself in the mirror, while Tifney and Jane were painting their toe nails on the carpet floor.

Melissa sighed, then spoke. “You think the boys will mind this? You think they’ll like a red dress? You think I’ll catch his eye? I bet you that I will.”

Jane laughed loudly. “Melissa you are crazy, how many are you dating, what’s another boy toy, what’s the point of that.”

Snickering, Melissa tossed her brown weave over shoulder. “I sort of just collect them, like blocks to fill my play pen, like objects for affection, to browse through what they’ve brought.”

Jane scoffed. “Girl you are outrageous, you know V.D.’s are contagious, better still be careful, and watch boys but don’t share them.”

Melissa smiled brightly. “Jane what are you thinking? You think that I am sleeping? You know I am not like that, I just like to play mind games. The boys oh how they love me, they all just want to fuck me, but you know they never will.”

Standing, Jane walked to Melissa’s side, then set her hands at her own hips as she shook her head. “Girl you are so funny, the way you call them honey, the type of tricks of loving, to see what you can do. I think it’s somewhat mean though, to make the boys all scream hoe, to tease them ’till they bleed oh, girl you are the best.”

Melissa laughed smugly. “You know that it is true though, the powers that I use oh, I wrap them ’round my finger, then tell them to bring more. It is just too damn easy, for me to act a sleazy, it is just one big fun game, to hear them all say my name. You know they all speak of me, think that I’m so lovely, fantasize themselves above me, want to take me back.”

Jane shook her head, then sat back down. Melissa sat beside the other two girls, then smiled at Tifney as she addressed her. “Tifney so what happened? That night when you were nappin’, and Stuart came a tapping, at your bedroom door?”

Tifney smiled to herself. “Oh you want to know that? Not sure I want to go there. It was a little funny, but Stuart sure is sweet.”

Jane slapped Tifney on the thigh. “Tell us all what happened! Did you really get some action? You know you really should.”

Tifney fought hard to suppress her giggles as she spoke. “Stuart is so sorry, he has an alright body, but I’m afraid he’s kind of whoring, himself for love away. You want to know what happened, I’m afraid he’s mighty candid, he thinks there is a ransom, to get in himself in bed.”

Melissa snickered, covering her mouth as she did. “Please do go on and tell girl, I won’t tell the whole world you, know that my mouth is true to, the things I’ve said to you.”

Tifney smiled sweetly. “Alright so I shall tell you, but I’m afraid it isn’t swell to, here what that man came through, the door to my room in. It was just one green towel, and it truly really fell soon, and sure he did turn red soon, for I laughed at his penis.”

Jane and Melissa blurted out laughing. Tifney went on.

“I can’t believe it either, but that thing was not a see-er, it was more like just a bee or, a tiny dying finger. I feel so bad to say this, Stuart is so helpless, he is just like a selfish, little bubbly girl.”

The girls all laughed some more, and Melissa took their hands as the three stood up.

Tifney spoke as they approached the door. “The funny thing about it, is that when we go out with, these three boys who will announce this, they say what isn’t true. I think Alex is the best one, I’d be proud to call him my hun, he is the cutest boy, I think I’ve ever seen.”

Melissa and Jane both nodded in agreement, and the three girls left.

– Thomas M. Watt

The Boys and the Girls go Out (Part – 1)


The Boys, Jeremy, Alex, and Stuart, were all getting pumped up in one room, downing beers as they got ready for the meet up with the girls at the club. The girls, Melissa, Jane, and Tifney, were also getting prepared, though at a different location.

Stuart was trying to figure out how to tie his tie, holding a beer in one hand, as he spoke with the other fellas, who were on the couch behind him.

“Sorry ’bout tonight boys, goin’ out lookin’ tight boys, gonna have my shit together meet the girls then soon undress one.”

Jeremy blurted out laughing, spitting his beer onto the floor. “Shit you must be kidding, you are so deluded, not one of those girls thinks that, your the fuckin’ cutest. You’re getting out of line Stu, you must be out your mind Stu, you must be fuckin’ blind Stu, to think that one would do you.”

Stuart laughed again, adjusting the length in his tie. “Jeremy you’re a bitch dude, I know they want my dick dude, you think you are so cool dude, but it really isn’t true dude. The way I walk is new dude, I dress better than you dude, you’re a fuckin’ nube dude, to think that they’d want you.”

Jeremy laughed all the harder, turning around to face Stuart. “Are you being real? Is this a fuckin’ joke? Did you really think that any girl would choose you bro? You are not the kind one, you are just the slime one, the ‘kinda a good time’ one, the butt of the punch-line one.”

Stuart turned around, smiling, and made his way over to Alex, who still had yet to say a word. Stuart rubbed his hair. “Alex where you been bra? I forgot that you were here so, go grab another beer dog, we’re drinkin’ till we’re-”

Alex cut him off, slapping his wrist away. “Get the hell off me! You are so freakin’ bossy, I wish you would just stop please, I’d much rather drink coffee.”

Jeremy and Stuart both exploded with outrageous laughter.

Stuart rubbed his head again. “Alex man I love you, but I’d be sorry if I was you, for you are such a little hussy, no wonder you don’t get lucky. They think you are so strange, they say you are deranged, but I always support you, because that’s what good friends do.”

Jeremy snickered. “Stuart what do you think? The ladies want your dick stank? Are you fucking kidding? You are the worst of all us three.”

Alex scoffed, turned away, chugged a beer from start to finish, burped, then returned. “You two are so pathetic, you really just don’t get it, you think you’re in the game but, the girls don’t know your name. The other night with Tifney, when she said she was just sleeping, she was actually with me-he, grinding with that g-string. I could have them all but, I don’t like to call sluts, I just like to have one, when I’m feeling it. I jammed my dick inside her, she moaned and let me ride her, she came and said I hit higher, than any man she’d had before.”

Jeremy stood up, grabbed Alex from the sofa couch, then shoved Stuart away. “Let’s do this,” he said.

Jeremy opened the door, and the other two followed behind.

– Thomas M. Watt