The Boys and the Girls go Out (Part – 1)


The Boys, Jeremy, Alex, and Stuart, were all getting pumped up in one room, downing beers as they got ready for the meet up with the girls at the club. The girls, Melissa, Jane, and Tifney, were also getting prepared, though at a different location.

Stuart was trying to figure out how to tie his tie, holding a beer in one hand, as he spoke with the other fellas, who were on the couch behind him.

“Sorry ’bout tonight boys, goin’ out lookin’ tight boys, gonna have my shit together meet the girls then soon undress one.”

Jeremy blurted out laughing, spitting his beer onto the floor. “Shit you must be kidding, you are so deluded, not one of those girls thinks that, your the fuckin’ cutest. You’re getting out of line Stu, you must be out your mind Stu, you must be fuckin’ blind Stu, to think that one would do you.”

Stuart laughed again, adjusting the length in his tie. “Jeremy you’re a bitch dude, I know they want my dick dude, you think you are so cool dude, but it really isn’t true dude. The way I walk is new dude, I dress better than you dude, you’re a fuckin’ nube dude, to think that they’d want you.”

Jeremy laughed all the harder, turning around to face Stuart. “Are you being real? Is this a fuckin’ joke? Did you really think that any girl would choose you bro? You are not the kind one, you are just the slime one, the ‘kinda a good time’ one, the butt of the punch-line one.”

Stuart turned around, smiling, and made his way over to Alex, who still had yet to say a word. Stuart rubbed his hair. “Alex where you been bra? I forgot that you were here so, go grab another beer dog, we’re drinkin’ till we’re-”

Alex cut him off, slapping his wrist away. “Get the hell off me! You are so freakin’ bossy, I wish you would just stop please, I’d much rather drink coffee.”

Jeremy and Stuart both exploded with outrageous laughter.

Stuart rubbed his head again. “Alex man I love you, but I’d be sorry if I was you, for you are such a little hussy, no wonder you don’t get lucky. They think you are so strange, they say you are deranged, but I always support you, because that’s what good friends do.”

Jeremy snickered. “Stuart what do you think? The ladies want your dick stank? Are you fucking kidding? You are the worst of all us three.”

Alex scoffed, turned away, chugged a beer from start to finish, burped, then returned. “You two are so pathetic, you really just don’t get it, you think you’re in the game but, the girls don’t know your name. The other night with Tifney, when she said she was just sleeping, she was actually with me-he, grinding with that g-string. I could have them all but, I don’t like to call sluts, I just like to have one, when I’m feeling it. I jammed my dick inside her, she moaned and let me ride her, she came and said I hit higher, than any man she’d had before.”

Jeremy stood up, grabbed Alex from the sofa couch, then shoved Stuart away. “Let’s do this,” he said.

Jeremy opened the door, and the other two followed behind.

– Thomas M. Watt

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