Things and Thoughts


A running dear runs a lot dears they like to frolic,

A dripping tear drips to drops girls they sometimes sob them.

A light turned red makes stops instead the crosswalk is no problem.

Change to come shall come to change only if you solve them.

Hurried bees fly with ease to flowers and take pollen,

Rage inside is never fine must learn to override some.

Don’t let dread turn to said,

Keep your words to progress.

Don’t be mislead by your own head,

There’s more to life then knowledge.

– Thomas M. Watt

To Speak of Uselessness or Truth


Understanding useless things,

Leads to conversation.

Inclining mind to wisdom’s strings,

Brings about translation.

Taking of what is divine,

To say for mutilation.

Will make you angry and upset,

But will also breed creation.

For many wonder of what’s good,

Many long to know.

However long God goes unheard,

Measures how far we fall.

When you speak of divine things,

What comes from what’s unknown.

You bring to others useful things,

That few will want to know.

But I tell you child listen,

The hour has arrived.

Every time you speak of God,

You plant a seed in time.

For many walk through all their days,

Denying what they hear.

They do so because what’s of God,

Is so what this crowd fears.

But if your wisdom comes from He,

And if you defend him,

What is the problem a crowd brings,

When your strength will not cut thin?

Do you hear me yet or do you long to know,

I’m telling you that what’s of God is greater than your foes.

So let them talk and let them speak and let them mock you too,

It will all fall short right at your feet because what’s of God is true.

– Thomas M. Watt

The Man Runs


The man walked. He walked and while he was walking the demons were following him. They latched onto both of his shoulders, one wrapped around his waist, and another clasped to both of his ankles. He wanted to run, but he couldn’t.


He had been here before. This wasn’t the first time he felt this sluggish. This was not the first he had been tied down by the worst of thoughts – How awful he was, how terrible those around him were, and how unchanging the problems always were.

They seemed.

He didn’t no why, but he knew this was the truth. He knew it was the truth because he had been here before. He had heard what he could not do. He had been told many times before that he was weak, doomed to fail, and not cut out for anything good.

The man walked faster.

Why? What was it that he had seen before that he could not see currently? Was it his lack of a sports drink? Was it his ambivalence towards healthy eating habits? Was he simply not cut out for a run?

No. He could run. He could move his legs faster and then find out how far they carried him. He decided not to give up before he even started.

The man jogged.

At first his breath felt heavy. His weight felt heavy. One of the demons from his shoulders fell off. Then another one, from his waist.

Wait. He was not a loser. He was not as bad as they said. He was currently down, but he had been down before, and he had also been up in the time in between. And the people around him – why were they so bad? For petty faults? Everybody had petty faults. He had petty faults.

The man ran.

The demon from his ankles fell off. He was not bound to sports drinks. He was not defeated by physical things. He owned physical things. He owned physical things because his power did not come from physical things, it came from somewhere else, somewhere from above, and the power worked through his heart.

The final demon fell off. Yes. That was how it went. He could run. He could run and beat many people at running. He was not getting tired, no. The less he worried about how tired he would get, the less tired he got. In fact, he got more energy. He pumped his legs faster, and it felt good.

The man sprinted.

He smiled. The wind swept through his hair and he felt light. Like it was no longer himself who had to carry him. Like his body was moving by way of another source. And the source was not from anything he had eaten, or anything he had done to manufacture. The power came from above. And if the power came from above, to help him, then what could possibly stop him? If he was not bound to whether or not he consumed a sports drink, then what was he bound too? If his power came from a source greater than the confines of the world, than what left was there which could confine him?

The man bolted. He charged, jumped, smiled and laughed. The man was not a loser. The man was invincible, because the source springing up in him was invincible.

The man kept running.

– Thomas M. Watt

30 days of Listening – Day 2

Day 2 – Vijay

Vijay is originally from India. He has lived in Boston and now resides in California. He has two sons, both of which are avid tennis players. He is passionate about helping his children improve at Tennis. He taught me about Cricket, and said that some of the matches last as long as five days. In India, he said it is rare that fans drink at the event. I find this amazing, for I cannot imagine enjoying a sport so much as to spend an entire day watching it without the aid of alcohol consumption. His shoes are painted with American flags, and he owns his own company. He never played tennis before coming to America, but promises half an hour on the courts is the equivalent of two hours in the gym. Vijay is an accomplished man, and his children are great kids. On a further note, he approached me first and was a very good listener to all I had to say. I can see why he is a successful businessman and am excited to see his sons playing tennis one day on television. They approach improvement the right way, and were eager to learn about my own athletic endeavors. Well done Vijay, thank you for representing your homeland with unblemished dignity. We need more Americans like you.