30 days of Listening – Day 2

Day 2 – Vijay

Vijay is originally from India. He has lived in Boston and now resides in California. He has two sons, both of which are avid tennis players. He is passionate about helping his children improve at Tennis. He taught me about Cricket, and said that some of the matches last as long as five days. In India, he said it is rare that fans drink at the event. I find this amazing, for I cannot imagine enjoying a sport so much as to spend an entire day watching it without the aid of alcohol consumption. His shoes are painted with American flags, and he owns his own company. He never played tennis before coming to America, but promises half an hour on the courts is the equivalent of two hours in the gym. Vijay is an accomplished man, and his children are great kids. On a further note, he approached me first and was a very good listener to all I had to say. I can see why he is a successful businessman and am excited to see his sons playing tennis one day on television. They approach improvement the right way, and were eager to learn about my own athletic endeavors. Well done Vijay, thank you for representing your homeland with unblemished dignity. We need more Americans like you.

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