To Speak of Uselessness or Truth


Understanding useless things,

Leads to conversation.

Inclining mind to wisdom’s strings,

Brings about translation.

Taking of what is divine,

To say for mutilation.

Will make you angry and upset,

But will also breed creation.

For many wonder of what’s good,

Many long to know.

However long God goes unheard,

Measures how far we fall.

When you speak of divine things,

What comes from what’s unknown.

You bring to others useful things,

That few will want to know.

But I tell you child listen,

The hour has arrived.

Every time you speak of God,

You plant a seed in time.

For many walk through all their days,

Denying what they hear.

They do so because what’s of God,

Is so what this crowd fears.

But if your wisdom comes from He,

And if you defend him,

What is the problem a crowd brings,

When your strength will not cut thin?

Do you hear me yet or do you long to know,

I’m telling you that what’s of God is greater than your foes.

So let them talk and let them speak and let them mock you too,

It will all fall short right at your feet because what’s of God is true.

– Thomas M. Watt


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