Me and the Tiger Cub : )


Hum hum humty hum,

Little tiger meet my thumb!

Roh-ho Doh minoe,

Testy temper never know!

Ya-do, do-a-de,

What’s that tiger you had bad day?

E-oh A ha he,

Little tiger mad at me!

Yo-ho de doh goh,

Bites off my finger chews on his tongue!

Nah-ne! He back-us-tee!

The black striped feline is still hun-gray!

Ah! AH! Ah no no NO!

Tiger coming, tiger goes!

Shit! Shit! Shit SHIT SHIT!!

Tiger bites not very nice!

Ahh gah ghareaoushgovaund

Tiger just bit off my whole head.

– Thomas M. Watt

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