White-shirted man


White-shirted man is on his way,

Seeking sunlight by the bay.

White-shirted man just wants peace,

Wants to feel the sickness leave.

No more commerce, no more drone,

No more pain within his coat.

Wants to quit, wants to leave, but money quenches more than greed.

Why this work this stupid job, why this wife who flirts with Bob.

Working hard to bust his ass, still brown-noses win by laughs.

Double Decker yellow bus reminds him of the days once tough.

Trying to just get ahead, dreaming of an income stead.

And yet it doesn’t work that way, make the money, or don’t stay.

Increase the income and you’re stone, stay the same and friends will go.

Never can enjoy much sun, when the money always says to run.

– Thomas M. Watt

(Painting courtesy of Andrew Farmer @ http://andrewfarmerfineart.wordpress.com/)


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