The Dreamers Who Do


Wake up get up get out get tough,

Do work live work need work see work.

Do not tire do not quit do not worry do not sit.

What’s the task what it do, I fight that shit ’til I push through.

Get it done get it goin’ make that paper into somethin’.

You got dreams? I got ’em too so does everyone else you fool.

Who will make it? Too many try so where then lies the great divide?

It’s here you know I tell the truth the barrier between those like you –

Who will work on through the pain who treats the risks like it’s a game,

Who’s fearless who doesn’t doubt who grabs their junk as they strut out.

Walk that line, nod your head, let them see you feel their dread.

Every dreamer is put down, cast away and turned around –

Well, except for those who know one day all perseverance shows,

‘Cause those guys fight on through the rain and keep improving everyday.

Those guys bust their ass through shit those guys never think to quit.

Those guys make it, dreamers do, and if you’re willing you can too.

And on that day when that day comes, those people who mocked you on your run,

Those people will find you turn and say, “Congratulations, let’s hang today!”

Here’s my advice please listen to me, fuck those people who didn’t believe.

– Thomas M. Watt

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