Semos and Mr. Hubblefurd

ImageThis is Semos and Mr. Hubblefurd, two very different characters. Mr. Hubblefurd is always out of breath, and Semos is called, ‘Old man Semos’ by most of Gnashing’s townsfolk. He has a lawn that seeping with red blood and frogs, but nobody knows why.

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Writer’s Conference!

Ok just finished with a three day weekend writers conference, run by Writer’s Digest in the LA area. Awesome! If you’ve never gone to one your really should. I probably got 20 something business cards, contact information of four different agents, and the chance meetings of several really important people. Very interested in screenwriting industry. Anyways, I’m extremely tired now, but I will write more about his awesome event later…

Can you believe that there are places where writers get together in real life?? And when you talk about writing your book, other people talk about writing their own, and you realize you’re not just an alien?? Awesome!