Here Comes Next Stage


Tempers flare here comes frustration Writers Conference Registration,

Hope I didn’t just waste this year hope I make connections here.

Hope to lay my cards to table hope to interest them in fables.

Tired of these sleepless nights tired of my write sight.

Need to get away from here move to next task a different gear.

Much too long in isolation far too long with no consolation.

Time to make a dime or two a penny or a thousand few.

Let’s get me somewhere find a name move on from here and too next stage.

Sorry fellows but I’ve been thinking, without a fan my work is sinking.

– Thomas M. Watt

Press Briefing – Sept. 24th

(Reporters are all sleeping, Snobert and Bill are chuckling together, and Aaron enters wearing a loin cloth with a mullet and a jackhammer. McWatty9 enters from behind red curtain wearing nothing but swim trunks. He stands before the podium)

McWatty9 – Hello Wattie nation, greetings to you all. Let me start out with a sincere apology for my recent lack-of-post, and lack of quality posts.

I sincerely apologize.

There, now that that’s out of the way, let me inform you as to why I have been absent – Way of the World. It is the first book in my trilogy, and I have to have it prepared for a big-time writers conference this weekend. I’ve had business cards made, and I’m presently working around the clock to get my website looking spic-and-spam. I’ve been doing two paintings a day, all of which I PROMISE you are better than that garbage I posted earlier today. I need the oils to dry before I can scan them, however. So, after this weekend, I fully intend on tearing-shit-up on this blog once again, and may even be linking this blog with my website. Any questions?

Bill – Yeah, uhh, that painting you posted today?

McWatty9 – Yes, Michael enters Gnashing. What about it?

Bill – Yeah I just wanted you to know we all thought it was crap.

McWatty9 – (Head down) Thanks…

(Bill and Snobert high five)

Snobert – Hey McWatty9!

McWatty9 – Yeah?

Snobert – Suck-it!

McWatty – Great. Anyone else?

(Aaron, wearing a loincloth and a mullet, with a jackhammer clasped in his hands, stands up)

McWatty9 – Yeah, Aaron, what’dya got for me?

(Aaron starts jackhammering)

McWatty9 – Aaron!

Aaron – What?

McWatty9 – (Scratching head until Aaron finally turns jackhammer off) You mad or something?

Aaron – It’s ok I’m used to be cheated on.

McWatty9 – What, because I’ve been painting rather than blogging?

Aaron – Dude I’m joking I wouldn’t get mad about that, what am I a fourteen year old girl?

McWatty9 – Oh okay, gotcha.

Aaron – What, did I just go through an emotionally traumatic event?

McWatty9 – …not that I’m aware of.

Aaron – Did my dog just die?

McWatty9 – No, I get it.

Aaron – If Earth and Venus were touching and they were covered in a forest that’s how big and hairy my balls are now stop worrying about my feelings GFYS!

McWatty9 – Well-

Aaron – Because they’re so massive all I have feelings for is when I’m going to eat the next steak, do work, and crush pussy GFYS!

McWatty9 – (pressing hands out) Alright, okay. Settle down. I-

Aaron – Now excuse me while I go blowdry my large sweaty balls while I listen to heavy metal. It shouldn’t take but a few hours.

(Aaron leaves, loud blow dryer can be heard immediately after door to press room closes)

McWatty9 – Alright, well… that about wraps it up. Sorry if I’ve disappointed any of you, I hope to have some better news for you all next time.

(McWatty9 exits stage, reporters all boo, Snobert and Bill throw tomatoes and a yellow pepper at him)

Michael Enters Gnashing – Way of the World


Michael stepped outside of his train carriage at just the same time as Adam did his. They looked at each other briefly, but neither waved and neither smiled.

Michael descended off the platform and started down the wood-panel staircase, brown potato sack over shoulder. At ground level, just after the bottom step, was a cracking, thick, white-plaster archway. Painted along the curved arch, up above, were thel letters, ‘G-N-A-S-H-I-N-G’, lining together like a unified group which had been assembled by an unknown craftsman, just to strike fear into its visitors with its big-black-bold-lettering. Michael took a breath, then entered.

(Excerpt from Way of the World, CH. 4)

– Thomas M. Watt

Painting Today

Painting illustrations for my book, “Way of the World” today. It is not easy but I’m hoping they will draw some attention to my book when the website is ready to launch. Depicting scenes from certain chapters and painting the cover this morning, hoping to make it my gravatar when it is done. How about you? How is your day going?

Angry Soul


Angry bitter misfit meat,

Raging loner somber geek.

Crying loser feeling shame,

No-good doer knows his pain.

Out of type of both the classes,

Not a friend who asks what happened.

Lift your chin up little one, don’t turn your eyes down from their shun.

I know it hurts to be like you, I know it sucks to feel bad too.

Maybe there’s no one who’s true, maybe really the problem’s you.

Listen child ears on me, I promise you I won’t deceive.

When all hope’s lost and life is Hell, when all your thoughts just sound like yells,

Slow down child, slow a step, don’t try so hard to circumvent.

Take a breath and be at ease, give to God your problems please.

Confess to God your faith does break, and to speak with him makes your heart quake.

Don’t have to tuck your shirt to pants, don’t need to act like your advanced.

These days His name is divided, between believers and good liars.

The reason I push these words on you, is because God’s son was hated too.

– Thomas M. Watt

(Photo courtesy of Dan Watt, freelance astronomer. Visit his website @ for more amazing photos)

Back to the future – 21st century


“Your report, Doc?”

Marty shook his head, and held his hands together behind his back. “The family sat in a room staring at a box. Everyday, in their spare time, they stared at the box. They never played any games, they never interacted, they only stared at the box. When they weren’t sharing the same box, they unfolded their own smaller white boxes and looked at those while they pressed all these tiny buttons really quickly with their fingers. They also had even smaller black boxes in their pockets, which they checked compulsively.”

“So what can we deduce from your visit to the twenty-first century?”

“That it is the least social generation in the history of humanity.”

– Thomas M. Watt

Sexy Can I


Don’t be fooled by the dress when they dress to impress with skirts riding high and bras pressed to their chests

Find me the dame who dresses the same on Mondays and Fridays and plays her own game

Give me the kind with the soft setting lips that wets me with spit I then kiss to her tits

Show me that girl that on some days wears curls and on others buns up with high reaching high heels

Find me the eyes with the blue dipped in mine that rises and falls like a wave at night’s call

The hips which can bend first back then extend and the moan that I play in my head when with them

I want that girl who stands up and then twirls, takes to my hand and shows me to worlds –

Seldom have seen, few men can go, the place where you whisper I can come to know

Show me those thighs and the way that they rise when they plummet and bounce near my knees as I pounce and rock you too sway from the night to the day

Lend me your teeth and bite on my cheek as I wrap up your hair, twist it and stare from your eye to your ear to the short edge of square on your back when it’s turning inverting and rolling as you ask me to share

In your mouthful of ecstasy, of excite-filled bliss, of divulging your longing of pleasure’s best kiss. Suck on my finger, my hand at your side, be that good girl who in bed forgoes time

Press me your palms flush to my chest, bring near your nipples and I’ll lick to impress. Have at it baby, have at it with me, hold back that expression and savor loud screams

Push to me closer, ride with me harder, hands through my hair as you turn up the volume

Keep going baby, your pleasure is shared, as you reach that loud climax please be fearless to care

I’m turning you over, twisting you out, raising your leg taste your sweat in my mouth

Take in my push, feel this good feed, try not to yell but please feel free to scream

Keep getting closer, keep rolling high, I remember this evening when these sheets were still dry. Ride with my rhythm, your hands locked in mine, spin those eyes backwards with those loud bursting cries

Have at it my dearest, my best bedroom queen, thank you for cumming now get on your knees.

– Thomas M. Watt

Good Morning


Morning sounds, birds awake, whistling is pleasant,

Rising early beats sleeping late always when your working.

Morning dew looks so cool kind of want to drink it,

The rising sun feels so warm I invite for you to meet it.

– Thomas M. Watt

The Way of the World

Chipper feelings feeling good

Sweating more then I probably should

Working hard working late editing sure takes the cake

Mundane work oh yes it is yet still it is so important

What to wear what to say what to do I’m done today

Making my book fresh and tight fixing that shit ’till that shit’s right

Running hard walking fast thinking quickly what’s next task

Creating website here it goes soon the time comes to expose

What I’ve been doing with my life the reason I’ve spent a year inside

The truth is coming so get ready the book is close to being pretty

See the truth evolve from lies in this series I’ll grow your eyes

Soon you will see what’s divine soon I’ll show the world it’s very own lie

Starting steady so it goes the world still don’t even know

Just you wait just wait and see what I’ve written will be read and seized

It is coming almost here tell the worldly they all should fear

The book of days the book of all, “The Way of the World” is what it’s called.

– Thomas M. Watt

Press Briefing – Sept. 19th

(Reporters all checking their watches. McWatty9 has been very much delayed. The news is the once relentless leader is calling it a career. His posts have ceased to be as frequent as usual, and are currently bordering on occasional, at best. Bill and Snobert are snickering together, sharing nibbles of the same peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Aaron is wearing a nice suit again, with the same pair of white underwear banded tightly over his head. McWatty9 exits from behind the red curtain, wearing a plain orange tee-shirt, denim jeans, and boater shoes. He stands before the podium.)

McWatty9 – Ladies and gentlemen of Wattie Nation, I’m pleased to inform you this kingdom has not yet ceased to expand. We are growing in popularity each and everyday, racking up new followers by the post. I’ve been posting a lot of poetry as of late, and it is beginning to garner me critical acclaim. Not only that, but I’m beginning to get contacted by outside publications in order to post for them, a feat I am very much proud of. I have also formed a friendship with Ayse Juaneda, the greatest artist in the world, and I’m super stoked about that. Sharplittlepencil has apparently left us, as I haven’t heard from our strongest supporter in some time now. And I spoke to president Everything Iz Great just a few minutes ago, who was pleased to inform me that his servants are super duper happy for me. Now then, the floor is open for questioning.

Bill – (Shooting out from his chair) McWatty9, remember the time I warned you saying you wouldn’t be able to post ten times a day? Remember remember? Well you said you would, and now you’re not!

McWatty9 –  (Lowering head) Yes, yes. Bill, I’m reluctant to say you are right. I’ve been very busy editing my book and dealing with some personal issues, but still, this is no excuse for not providing my followers with an adequate number of post.

Bill – Suck-it, McWatty9!! (BIll sits down, shares a loud high five with Snobert)

McWatty9 – (Sighing) Alright, anything else?

Aaron – (Flipping underwear band up and out the way of his eyes, doesn’t bother to stand in order to ask question) McWatty9, how would you like to go to a bonfire tomorrow night?

McWatty9 – (Fist pumps) Yeah, that sounds great! I would love that!

Aaron – Great! Just grab a date and meet me there.

McWatty9 – (Pressing buttons in cellphone) Alright! Sweet! I’m stoked, just hold on one second… and… alright… wait for it… sweet! This awesome chick I know said she’d be down!

Aaron – Yeah?

McWatty9 – Yeah man! Thanks for inviting me. Who’s your date?

Aaron – Oh I don’t have one. But see if you can grab another one.

McWatty9 – …Are you kidding?

Aaron – No. (Munches on giant cheeseburger, speaks while chewing) Go on though. (More chewing) See how many people you can get. I want this to be a big deal.

McWatty9 – (Frowning slightly) Alright. Well, thanks everyone for coming. We’ll be in touch… I guess. (Begins to walk away from podium)

Snobert – Hey Mcwatty9!

McWatty9 – (Turning glumly) Yeah?

Snobert – SUCK IT!

McWatty9 – (Nods weakly, drags his feet, disappears behind red curtain)