The Child Dances


Bump Bump Bump Bump

Skies are hazy trees are stumps dog’s are lazy watch for skunks.

Bump Bump Bump Bump

Stars are shining in your eyes and since I found them they ‘re in mine now.

Bump Bump Bump Bump

Lightning crashes to the ground thunder scares more with its sound.

Bump Bump Bump Bump

Sea is riddled with the sharks, but fish still take up most of most parts.

Bump Bump Bump Bump

Fading jacket – tearing sleeves – a whooping cough signals disease.

Bump Bump Bump Bump

Laughing child looking kind can you withstand the test of time? Keep your smile from frown’s fade, learn the times to misbehave?

Bump Bump Bump Bump

Hear the music sing it loud, watch the sun then jump around. Don’t lose hope just from your pain, don’t be sad when glory fades. Don’t rank yourself with other heads, don’t rest assured that you’re the best. Keep that chin up, child do, keep on walking when they judge you. Keep it going sole to pavement, keep that strut like you’re elated. Don’t get lost or tired or sick, don’t get down or up and quit. Keep on going, child do, keep on dancing this song’s for you.

Bump Bump Bump Bump.

– Thomas M. Watt

Tragic Heart of the True Believer


True believer how I fear,

The current trend of worldly tears.

True believer know I know,

The pain of heart few others know.

True believer know I see too,

The sights you see and things you do.

True believer be not afraid, the God of yours is not decayed.

He is there, speaking with you, He is the one whom I know too.

He is the one who answers prayers, fixes problems and always cares.

Don’t be saddened by worldly loss, the pain that comes with natural thoughts.

When your eyes open they might state, this path of yours is too much too take.

I know it’s hard and it’s not fair, when no one sees the cross you bear.

Other laugh and feel joy too, and yet you hurt to do God’s will.

Am I an idiot, is God true, am I simply out of tune?

Am I crazy, am I misled, is faith the way of just pretend?

Do not worry, do not cry. Trust the Lord, He will provide.

– Thomas M. Watt

(Photo courtesy of freelance astronomer Dan Watt. See more of his amazing photos at

Struggling Child – Struggle On


Worried child,

Problems tell,

Stories go with them as well.

I see your struggle, all your fears,

I see you’re worried, but comfort’s here.

Look around you to those who grow,

See how struggle’s one all know.

And those who don’t, will someday,

For sometimes struggle is delayed.

In that moment, when you are down,

do observe the sights and sounds.

See the athletes, those who win,

are those who persevere within.

What is this mind’s fear of faith,

What fall hurts too much to face?

Rise above, live with God, go on to fight with good sights sought.

I tell you this, about your push –

Lack of faith won’t make life cush.

– Thomas M. Watt

(Painting courtesy of Andrew Farmer at

Don’t said it wrong!


Vision is dim eyes are blurred, where do I go, where had I were.

Grammar school lesson easily taught – the writers who make it don’t give a fauk.

What do we say, what do we do, what do we know, what’s new with you.

Laughing, happy, crappy, cough.

I hate all those people who constantly scoff.

Stand up my friend let’s hear your joke then,

Let’s see how it goes when the critic stands in.

Shitty dippy, dippity-doo. Find me a snack and I will bark for you.

Oh boy he’s crazy, shit now I know, I shouldn’t have read this, wait shit I wrote.


What’s with this poem and all these strange rhymes? Did he really just add only one word to that line?

And who does he speak to, for whom is this written, why does he breakdown his voice intermitten?

God oh that’s painful, ‘nother word misspelled, dammit to heck the writer can’t seem to tell,

The difference ‘tween ramblings, spellings and his, ability to place commas within sentences.

And why does he talk with his voice like it’s mine, why does this guy pull this shit all the time?

Somebody tell him, please somebody say – We are all just waiting for your style to decay.

You will soon fall, dwell with the rest, you will shortly collapse and see our way is best.

No sir I’m sorry, really I do, the problem with me is, I just don’t care about you.

I am a bit crazy, hazy with words. See them like colors, splash on my verbs.

My work is of art, a mixture of paint. A strange tendency to love what most people hate.

Well fuck me I said it, I did what I do, scramble your brain, and be like mine too.

– Thomas M. Watt

(Painting courtesy of Ayse Juaneda, the greatest painter in the modern world. You can view more of her artwork at

The Game is Love


Beautiful girl who always laughs, likes to smile, quick to dash.

Beautiful girl who flirts for free, invites the suitors, tells them to leave.

Beautiful girl who plays pretend, finds some friends, invites them in.

Beautiful girl who likes to see, how many want her, how many need.

Beautiful girl who knows she’s got it, walks around, not scared to flaunt it.

Beautiful girl whom all the men love, points her finger, off they go.

Beautiful girl who has this power, tells them no, and they all cower.

Beautiful girl who loves to say, “All love me, but I only love fame,”

Beautiful girl who claims she’ll stray, I think I just beat you at your very own game.

– Thomas M. Watt

Days of Summer


Washing rivers crashing streams,

Mothers laughing children screams.

Streamers blowing in the wind,

Smiling faces fathers grin.

River rafting looks so fun,

Floating tubes under the sun.

Burgers cooking on the fire,

Days of summer don’t get kinder.

– Thomas M. Watt

(Photo courtesy of Tayler Cabalka. Visit her blog  to see more at

Where the Water Runs


The water dripped.

Greg sat and stared and watched as the water dripped.


He leaned his chair back and rocked gently forward and back, eyes fixed on the faucet as he did. All around him were the voices of the party guests, outside came the sounds from the busy streets, and of course the music was pumping from a base system not too far away.


Samantha came over. She sat next to Greg and rubbed his thigh, smiled brightly and whispered, “Hello.”

Greg nodded, but never stopped watching the sink.


“What are you doing?” She asked.

After a slow blink, Greg responded. “I’m thinking.”

She looked out at the dripping faucet, then back to Greg, repulsed. “Thinking? About what exactly?”

A smirk rose on the corner of his lips. “I’m trying to solve the biggest conundrum in the history of the world.”

Samantha giggled, then slapped his thigh. “You’re kidding… right?”
Turning to look at her, Greg shook his head. “No.”

Samantha stood up, then started away. “Okay I don’t like being made fun of. Almost had me, Greggory.” She continued to walk to rejoin the rest of the party, but stopped when Greg called out to her.

“Do you want to know what it is?”

Samantha swiveled around, then faced him with one dark-eyebrow raised. “Seriously?”

Greg stood up. “Yes.” He started over to her.

“What is it?” She said, shaking her head back and forth.

Greg ran a hand through her hair, then turned her face and whispered into her ear. “Why does the water always return to itself in the end, no matter what?”

She turned to face him with a smile. “Because it’s water, duh!” Samantha shrugged, with both her palms turned up. “I don’t know, water is water. It’s not like something you can just make.”

Greg took both her cheeks in his hands then kissed her lips. “Exactly.”

– Thomas M. Watt



Give me this and give me that and then give to me you too.

I need more money no more food no more sex, I do.

I cannot sleep I cannot work I have no energy.

I feel like death and in decay I’m tired but can’t sleep.

The thoughts whirl wild all are bad want to bring you down.

This is a man who has been tricked into taking what he’s found.

Find another person’s view – the one who always gives.

Find another who goes on to feed all those who are in need.

Take a stance to listen more to give and to defend,

Be the one who laughs the most and calls humble folks his friends.

Watch what happens when you set out to do what just was said.

Observe the way your life transforms when you live to serve instead.

What is this? No it cannot be oh no it just cannot,

What can be said when we’re misled into thinking what we’ve got,

Is better ours and better kept and better with us too.

And yet the truth that we all know the truth that you can see,

Is the one true key to happiness is that  giving fills all your needs.

– Thomas M. Watt

(Painting by Ayse Juaneda, the greatest artist in the world today. Visit her blog to view more of her paintings at

The Dreamers Who Do


Wake up get up get out get tough,

Do work live work need work see work.

Do not tire do not quit do not worry do not sit.

What’s the task what it do, I fight that shit ’til I push through.

Get it done get it goin’ make that paper into somethin’.

You got dreams? I got ’em too so does everyone else you fool.

Who will make it? Too many try so where then lies the great divide?

It’s here you know I tell the truth the barrier between those like you –

Who will work on through the pain who treats the risks like it’s a game,

Who’s fearless who doesn’t doubt who grabs their junk as they strut out.

Walk that line, nod your head, let them see you feel their dread.

Every dreamer is put down, cast away and turned around –

Well, except for those who know one day all perseverance shows,

‘Cause those guys fight on through the rain and keep improving everyday.

Those guys bust their ass through shit those guys never think to quit.

Those guys make it, dreamers do, and if you’re willing you can too.

And on that day when that day comes, those people who mocked you on your run,

Those people will find you turn and say, “Congratulations, let’s hang today!”

Here’s my advice please listen to me, fuck those people who didn’t believe.

– Thomas M. Watt