Intuition Reigns Supreme


Do this, do that, it goes this way too.

You’re wrong, just look, it says right here –

“You will look foolish if you do the thing they say not to do. All sure knows this one rule shows the profession of your technique.”

Guess what my friend, I’ve reached the end, of what this logic means to me.

It means just this – don’t listen to shit. Study what you think.

When you read Harry Potter are you bothered by the adverbs in the read? 

In every profession there is a way the whole crowd surely goes. Turn the other and then go, run from Art’s true foes.

Go the path which most can’t see, where blind men cannot walk. Stride on by the snobby eyes and ignore those who scold.

Then when do we listen, how do learn, what’s the method I preach to you? I say come notice the best in life are those who expose the truth. The surface lies, but hearts divide. From passion and focus, comes true poets, artists and thinkers and you.

– Thomas M. Watt

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