Five minutes before the Gun was at his Head


Stan was eating cereal. Trix, with low fat milk. His eyes were only half open, his hair was a mess, and his thoughts were blurry. He was still drunk.

Stan noticed the note behind his cereal bowl. He had received it from Angie’s new boyfriend a couple days before. He reopened it.

Dear Stan,

You touch her again I’m going to kill you. You see her again I’m going to kill you. You call her again I’m going to kill you.


Stan put the note down and shrugged. He opened his phone and looked at his sent messages. The last five were the pictures of his dong he had drunkenly sent Angie the night before. One of them was the rolex, where he wrapped his dick around around his wrist. In the subject line he had written, “My new trick.”

Laughing, Stan spit milk onto his forearm. He was wiping it off with a napkin when he heard rustling from the bushes in his side yard.

Stan stopped laughing. He stood from his chair and moved to the window, where he peered through the blinds. He slid the window open.

“Hello? Who was that? Mr. Klyde, was that you?”

Stan waited, but there was no answer. He gulped, then found a wooden baseball bat and started outside. He tore the sliding glass door open and raised the bat over his shoulder.

“Who’s here? I heard your ass so get the fuck out.”

There was no response. Stan lowered his bat and held his breath. He turned around and started back in, but walked straight into the glass door when he did. He did not remember closing it.

Stan opened the door and hesitantly walked through the living room and into the kitchen. He sat down at the table and returned to eating his Trix cereal. His phone beeped – Text message from an unknown number. He opened it.

Tricks are for kids bitch

A moment later, he raised his glance to see a masked man pointing a glock straight back at him.

– Thomas M. Watt

7 thoughts on “Five minutes before the Gun was at his Head

  1. But he didn’t touch her, see her or call her again so why is he about to be killed? DONT KILL HIM!!!!! NO!!!!!

      • “How about I just go eat some hay. I could make things out of clay, and lay by the bay, I just may. What d’ya say?”

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