What do I make of these comments?

  1. So I just read the comments to my latest short story, and here is what I got. Not really certain how a blogger is supposed to respond to this, let alone interpret what it all means. 
    1. Tricks R. Forkids says:

    But he didn’t touch her, see her or call her again so why is he about to be killed? DONT KILL HIM!!!!! NO!!!!!

    • He’s referring to me Tricks. Now off I go, 3 hops I must take, let’s hope I don’t fall in the lake!


6 thoughts on “What do I make of these comments?

  1. You be entertained and then write a story about it. Uncle Wiggly needs to be the protagonist of at least one story. A fable would be the likely genre, but that might be a bit too predictable. A Southern Gothic might be a fun alternative.

    • Those are some great ideas! I can’t quite imagine a scenario where Uncle Wiggly DOESN’T play the part of the village idiot though. Haha. I might just try tomorrow.

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