An Encounter At The Men’s Room

Bob was standing at the urinal, whizzing away a powerful yellow stream, when his hopeful employee, Jerry, took the one beside.

“Morning Bob!”

“Ahh yes, good morning,” responded Bob, still tinkering.

As a second sound of bouncing sprays met with his ears, an eager hand caught hold of his eyes. Jerry was reaching for a handshake, with an eager smile to match.

Bob scratched his temple, before finally meeting hands with the young awkward man and engaging him in the formal greeting.

When they were done with the unprecedented urinal-handshake, Bob turned straight ahead, eyes on the white tile set before him. There was a small toot from the stall to his right, followed shortly by an obnoxiously loud slam of air, and a moment later a sound like mud pushing into a puddle.

“Got those sales reports for you, Mr. Bob!” Said Jerry.

Jerry laughed snidely as he wiggled the last few remaining drops out of his member. “Oh, you’re gonna want to hold on to those. My damn boss screwed something up, so I shall be spending the entire day trying to fix it.”

“Jerry?” Came the voice from the stall, followed by a high-pitched fart with a twist at the end of its note. “That better not be you Jerry!”

Jerry’s eyes went wide. He hurried to pull down the knob and flush away his golden liquid. Running past the sink, his idiotic employee called out to him once more.

“Jerry, aren’t you gonna wash your hands?”

“Eh…” Jerry stammered near the door, before finally taking a stand. “I got a clean dick!”

He swung the door open, and stormed out, running straight into the beautiful woman, and catching her cheek in his hand, her lips in his lips.

She kissed him back, surprised at first, before fully lip-locking with him. She smiled. “Your hand feels so… clean!”

“Err… thanks… but I actually never washed my it.”

The entire floor of business employees all gasped, dropping every and all business files they held in their possession. The men all shook their heads adamantly and pointed him back to the restroom.

“Oh get off it none of you do either.”


– Thomas M. Watt


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