The Far Distant Future – Twenty-First Century Observations


“There once was this box,” began the kindergarten teacher. “It was just an ordinary thing, with flashing lights and the ability to create its own noises and sounds. But this box had other powers, as well. Powers common folk weren’t even aware of. It could make them afraid or angry. Worried and upset. Erotic or useless.”

“What’s erotic mean?” Said little Samantha.

“Oh! I shouldn’t have said that.” The kindergarten teacher giggled, then went on. “But of all the feelings sent out from the box, their were the important few which it did not omit – it never sent out any peace, nor did it help one to grow, nor did it issue the emotion of love.

‘Yet still, despite this box’s lack of offering anything meaningful to humanity, the entire world embraced it. Children grew up getting to know the box better than any of their friends. Opinions issued from the box were deemed more important than the people it was supposed to be serving.

‘Though it became clear that the box was no longer a product for entertainment, but for thoughtless slavery, none seemed to care. In fact, rather than fight the effects of ‘feeling induced addiction’, the entire civilization took to studying it, in order to set up and launch something called ‘marketing campaigns’. Believe it or not, children, the humans themselves were responsible for building their own bug zapper!”

“But why?” Little Timmy asked. “Why did they prefer the box to human interaction?”

The kindergarten teacher laughed. “Because, little Timmy.” She shook her head. “They thought their brothers to be their enemies, and the box to be their friend.”

– Thomas M. Watt

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