Addiction Cycle


See that circle running fast, see that spinning you to task.

Quit the drug and feel the peace, too many hours brings new cravings.

It’s alright, it’s okay, this time your drug won’t make you stray.

You’ll do it just a time or two, then live happy and live like you.

What’s the trouble, it will pass, just one more fix this one’s your last.

Years go by so quick they do, time it passes when drugs own you.

Never drops the feeling doesn’t, never does the blood stop loving.

Just a feeling is all it is, just the high which your drug gives.

A way to own to live to breath, a way to die to give to cease.

Gotta love just what drugs do, they move your soul then leave out you.

– Thomas M. Watt


4 thoughts on “Addiction Cycle

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  3. Thank you for putting such pain and pleasure into words like this, they string together like cheese my friend, and who doesn’t love cheese! Well, intolerant lactose people sure…anywho I would really like to connect with you and talk more about addiction. My blog is connected to the podcast you listened to and coming soon…a printed magazine with a free cd inside that has author interviews and more…I would love to have you story in as an anonymous author? My name is Charles, nice to meet you Mr. McWatty 🙂

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