And the Liebster Award Goes to…


1.) Where do good ideas come from?

2.) Five minutes with any celebrity – who would it be and what would you say?

3.) Who is your favorite writer, and why?

4.) What is more important for authors today – being an artist or having networking skills?

6.) Would you rather have great sex or an avid readership?

7.) You are walking down the street and see the most awful sight you could ever imagine. What is it?

8.) The life of a writer – Blessed or burdened?

9.) SpongeBob SquarePants or television news?

10.) Tell us about your most current book or WIP –

  • Give me the title and a quick pitch.
  • Why are you in love with this idea?
  • What am I going to get out of this, as a reader?

And the award for this years, 2013 Liebster goes to…

1.) Misha Burnett – Exceptionally smart and a true recluse. Wrote, “Catskinner’s Book,” a science fiction/urban fantasy novel.

2.) Adrienne Morris from Middlemay Farm – Gifted writer and nostalgia fanatic. Winner of the Editors’ Choice award for, “The House on Tenafly Road.”

3.) Kevin Brown – Writes with directness and purpose to each and every word. Published close to 200 articles for Examiner.

4.) Christine Keleny –  Writer, reader, author, and publisher. She’s most famous for writing the entire Rose trilogy, and runs CK Books. Her blog is a must-follow for any aspiring author.

5.) Ayse Juaneda – Her paintings are legendary. Genius. Beautiful. Best artist in the world? I think so.

Congratulations to all you award winners! Answer my questions and nominate the bloggers who you think are deserving. Fill out your own list of questions, then spread the Liebster love by announcing your own winners.

Dragging his Heart and Scoffing


Fred walked through the crowded sidewalk with Melanie at his side.

“Why are you so quiet?” he said.


“Because why?”

“I’m thinking,” said Melanie.

He chuckled. “You and your thinking. It’s no good for you, ya know.”

“Isn’t it.”

Fred shook his head. “It’s just pointless. You should interact more. You should talk more. No need for you to be such a bore.”

“Oh,” Melanie continued walking.

“I didn’t mean it like that. It’s just, there is nothing wrong with having some personality. You should try to see the beauty in life more.”

She scoffed. “Beauty is all I see.”

“Then why do you seem so glum? Why are you always so short with me?” said Fred.

“Because you can’t keep up with me.”

“Can’t I?” said Fred.

“I see the way you chuckle and its ugly to me. The way you always try to act like everyone else. It’s unattractive. I don’t like that. There’s no beauty where you want me to look.”

“Then where should I look?”

“Where I look.”

“Which is?”

“Originality. Uniqueness. The same way one man wears a suit and another wears a hoodie.”

“I don’t understand,” said Fred.

“Because you’re an idiot.”

“What? Why?”

“Don’t you know why you’re in love with me?”

“What?” Fred laughed awkwardly. “I’m not in love with you.”

She walked away.

“Wait! Why would I be, if I was? I mean, why do you think I would be?”

“Because I don’t care about you.”


“That’s the reason you love me, Fred. Because I truly don’t give two shits about you.”

Fred scratched his head, scoffed, then chased after Melanie.

– Thomas M. Watt