Self-Publishing VS. Mainstream Publishing

If You Close The Door The Night Can Last Forever. – Great post about relationship between self-publishers and retailers.

2 thoughts on “Self-Publishing VS. Mainstream Publishing

  1. McWatty, here’s the note I left at the site you linked up for us, and thanks!

    Came here from McWatty’s site, and glad I did. Excellent observations.

    I must tell you, the mere mention of a “Random Penguin” made me laugh, even as I regretted the fact that anti-trust laws have become a thing of the past. And all THAT is affiliated with Amazon… good grief.

    Self-publishing is what it is. You’ll hardly ever connect with a wide audience. It’s like all the girls who flocked to Schwab’s Pharmacy in the 40s after Lana Turner was supposedly “discovered” there. All those girls, all in tight sweaters, sure that this was like a great fishing hole in Hollywood and they were the catch… not the bait.

    Thanks to McW for turning me on to an insightful post. Peace, Amy (a humble poet who self-published the hard way – formatting everything and having it run off at Office Max!!)

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